Channel 3 Hits The Big Screen

Channel 3 has been around since the beginning of the Southern California Punk Movement, touring with Black Flag and Husker Du, and they’ve seen it morph from one form to the next since their signing in 1980. The band tried to adapt with the changing times, but once Channel 3 steered away from their original style of boozy punk rock and veered toward glam and roots, both fans and band members became disenchanted and one of the most respected punk rock bands was forgotten.

However, the strong friendship between founding members Mike Magrann and Kimm Gardener held together, and Channel 3 has reemerged with a European tour showcasing their return to old school punk, and a full length documentary, One More For All My True Friends, chronicling the bands adventures and misfortunes through one of the most influential music scenes in American history.

One More For All My True Friends by film maker Erik Carreon includes interviews with members of Rancid, Adolescents, The Adicts and The Simpletons along with classic Channel 3 footage.

There will be a free premiere of One More For All My True Friends on Saturday June 16, at the Art Theatre (2025 4th St.) in Long Beach, 9 p.m.


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