Challenge Tokyo Police Club...To Anything

Challenge Tokyo Police Club...To Anything

File this under: These days, it's not enough to just give out your whole albums for free anymore.

Tokyo Police Club's new album is called Champ, out June 8 on Mom + Pop. So they're hosting The Champ Championship Contest, where the rules as proclaimed by the band are such: "Challenge us to something. Anything. Ping pong. Baking. Mario. Nerf guns. Hockey. Unicycling. Catching grapes in your mouth. You name it. When we come to your town on tour we'll make it happen. This summer, it's on." Find out how after the jump.

Let them know how you're planning to kick their collective asses at their Web site, While competing, you'll tickets to their shows and free merchandise--apart from the honor of hanging out with the band and bragging rights.

Tour mates Passion Pit have also remixed Tokyo Police Club's "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)," which you can download for free (along with the album version) at They'll be heading to Southern California in August, but there will be no local dates. Just an Aug. 8 show at the Casbah in San Diego and an Aug. 12 show at the El Rey in Los Angeles.

For competitive inspiration, listen to the Champ below: 



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