Cesar Arredondo

Photo by Jeanne Rice> Caf Tacuba, Reves (WEA Latina). "A total departure from the style that had come to identify this band, Reves dares to experiment with new horizons. Compromised by nothing except their creativity, Caf Tacuba have produced an album that mates modern rock—heavy in electronic sounds—with traditional folkloric elements."

> Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, La Marcha Del Golazo Solitario (BMG/USA Latin). "La Marcha is an invitation to get on a musical rollercoaster blindfolded with many menacing, unexpected turns to drive you enjoyably insane. It's a rich musical fusion of jazz, tango and trash metal but without forgetting Fabulosos' festive style."

> La Castaeda, Trance (La Castaeda Records). "This album honors its title, a work of art that truly satisfies the taste of people willing to explore and go beyond the boundaries of rock at the end of millennium . . . a surreal sound where madness and reality meet."

> Bersuit Vergarabat, Libertinaje (Universal Music Latino). "Its naming names, strong language and challenging lyrics won Libertinaje total censorship on all Argentinean radio stations. Its infectious rhythm invites us to dance, despite the seriousness and crudeness of the words. A true triumph of freedom of expression."

> Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas, Leche (Universal Music Latino). "A musical orgy, Leche is rock charged with eroticism, funk, soul and frankness; it's delightful to dance or listen to either by yourself or in good company. Pure adrenalin."

> Puya, Fundamental (MCA). "The only successful communion of hardcore and salsa, a first of its kind. Fundamental is an example of daring musicians risking to explore new frontiers, of artists re-energizing rock, blending old and modern music traditions to create something special and unheard of."

> Gustavo Cerati, Bocanada (BMG/USA Latin). "A jewel of modern rock, in the tradition of true poets whose words complement the music's transcendental vibe. A very compelling album from a genius of today's music."

> Aterciopelados, Caribe Atomico (BMG/USA Latin). "The rebellious, anti-romantic Aterciopelados show a great deal of musical maturity with a set of songs loaded with tropical influences and a new attitude that approaches life and love under a new light."

> Pastilla, Vox Electra (BMG/USA Latin). "A great example of the quality that rock en espaol has accomplished locally, as well as California's proud contribution to the movement, Vox Electra is full of rebellious attitude and a refreshing style that's the product of the clash of two cultures."

> Jaguares, Bajo el Azul de tu Misterio (BMG/USA Latin). "A collector's item, this double CD reunites three former members of Caifanes, a legendary band that made history in the Americas. One disc includes a compilation of Caifanes classics and past Jaguares hits, while the second offers newer, mellow, easy-listening ballads."


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