Celebrity Perfumes by Musicians: Justin Bieber (Yes, Him Again), Katy Perry, Kate Walsh and Jordin Sparks

If being a celebrity and having a perfume line is the true mark of success, the sad corollary is that audiences think dousing themselves in the "wet ozone" notes of Paris Hilton's product will make you fun and vacuous as well, or that wearing "Unforgivable Woman" by Puffy Combs (aka. P. Diddy/Sean John/Puff Daddy) will make you as savvy and as ADD with your name as Sean John is.

Still, celebs keep churning them out. Even Kate Walsh of Private Practice  has a scent named Boyfriend--inspired by her boyfriend's scent many years ago, Walsh told People Magazine. "I missed his scent after we broke up and I was shopping one day and I was like, 'I don't need my boyfriend to have a boyfriend scent!'"

Here's a few that are launching or coming out before the holidays.

1. Justin Bieber's My World

Celebrity Perfumes by Musicians: Justin Bieber (Yes, Him Again), Katy Perry, Kate Walsh and Jordin Sparks

The gimmick:  This unisex perfume line goes on sale Nov. 26 at Wal-Mart, and there will be no bottles! The scents Icon, Energy, Tour and Web are on dog tags and wristbands, says Women's Wear Daily.

What it smells like: Bieber said, "One of them smelled too young, too fruity. One was really good." Too young for Bieber? What's that, 6?

2. Katy Perry's Purr!

The gimmick: It's in a cat-shaped bottle, and the gag tag line goes,"It is an absolutely purrfect perfume that I hope leaves you meowing with delight." It will be onsale at Nordstrom this November. A 5 oz. bottle starts at $25. The ad campaign involves Katy Perry in a pink and blue latex catsuit compete with a tail and black stilettos.

What it smells like: It's made up of different kinds of flowers including jasmine, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose, with vanilla orchid, white amber sandalwood, and musk.

3. Jordin Sparks, Because of You
The gimmick: Anything should be more successful than American Idol's perfume. Because of You is at dots.com for $9.50(!) through November 5.
What it smells like: A fruity floral scent with notes of clementine, orange blossom, orchid, peony and vanilla bean to create a very girly, subtly sexy scent with fresh undertones.

4. Lady Gaga, Monster

The Gimmick:It's not out yet, but Gaga wants to calling her signature perfume Monster as a tribute to her fans. It should be out in 2012.

What it will probably smell like: "Something smelling catchy in the top notes, beguiling in the heart notes and addictive in the base notes." According to TMZ, the name "Monster" has recently been trademarked by "the fragrance company behind Gaga's upcoming scent" which would be Coty Inc.


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