Cee Lo Green's Viral "Fuck You" Officially Out Tomorrow

You'd think that the shock value of the word "fuck" would diminish by now, but it hasn't. Take, for example, Cee Lo Green's viral video for "Fuck You," which is the first single off his first solo album in six years, "The Lady Killer," out Dec. 7.

Maybe it's because it's Cee Lo Green's, or maybe it's the title, but "Fuck You" drew more than 2 million plays in the first five days online and was the No. 1 Most Viewed Video in the U.K.

You've probably seen it already, but check it out after the jump if you haven't.

If you buy the single on


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, you could get a "Fuck You" t-shirt--the digital single will be out tomorrow, and a CD single will be out Sept. 21.

Apparently there will be a sequel coming in the fall called "Forget You." Heh. 

Here's 50 Cent's remix:

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