Ceasefire at the HOB Anaheim
Ceasefire at the HOB Anaheim
Austin Bauman

Ceasefire - House of Blues Anaheim - 6/16/12

House of Blues Anaheim

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Celebrating the release of their self-released This Love EP, Costa Mesa four-piece Ceasefire (formerly known as Stereofix) assaulted us with a stockpile of U2-esque alt rock and songs like  "Heartache" and their hard-stomping, KROQ-approved single "It's you." The band, led by leather jacket-obsessed siblings Ray and Kamren Alexander, headlined an all-local lineup at the House of Blues Anaheim that included Forgiving Yesterday, Theory by Sound, Amherst Aisle and Keepers of the Sun.

On this particular local night, there seemed like a more mature older crowd which was pretty different for an all-ages show like this--maybe even a bit refreshing considering the notable lack of overly-obnoxious teenagers.

Beach Balls falling in the crowd during Ceasefire
Beach Balls falling in the crowd during Ceasefire
Austin Bauman

By the time Ceasefire came on, we were feeling a perfect buzz from all the cocktails and were ready to dance and sing along to Ray Alexander's moody,seductive vocals that harbor a certain Brandon Flower's-like quality. Toward the beginning of their set, the track "This Love Will Tear Us Apart" off of their new EP got the crowd worked up into full-blown singing along mode. By the time they played "Heartache," giant beach balls with the Ceasefire logo were batted around in the crowd and all the guests were wearing glow sticks. We had to take a step back and wonder were we at a rave or a rock show.

Listening to Ray's lyrics on most of the songs, we couldn't help but wonder who broke this poor man's heart. Just about every line he sang seemed like a lament about a destructive relationship. Playing an acoustic version of "I'm Coming Home," Ceasefire showed they were incapable of turning off their arena-ready rock star stage presence, even when during their most stripped-down performance of the night. With their catchy radio-friendly tunes, a new name and new band member this Fountain Valley band is definitely on the hunt for major-label stardom and, at least for now, is more than humble about it. "For me it's a huge accomplishment, just to be a part of a band that headlines the House of Blues," Brandon Franklin,the new bassist, said. "It's a big deal!"

Vocalist/Guitarist Ray Alexander of Ceasefire
Vocalist/Guitarist Ray Alexander of Ceasefire
Austin Bauman

Critics Bias: Though I'm the EDM gal at OC Weekly, it's always refreshing to stay away from the normal untz, untz, untz and re-live my teenage punk rock girl days at the House of Blues.

The Crowd: A large number of late twentysomethings, male and female just looking for a good night out.

Overheard in the Crowd: "The Ceasefire guys are cute! I want them to sign my beach ball!"

Random Notebook Dump: If they had an Asian guy in the band, a la Teppei Teranishi from Thrice I would have literally been in heaven!

Set List:
1. Heaven Knows
2. Best Days
3. This Love Will Tear Us Apart
4. Save It For The Broken Hearted
5. Heartache
6. I'm Coming Home (Acoustic)
7. Pieces
8. Too Good To Be True (Cover)
9. It's You
10. Paradise
11. Another Day Just Faster

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