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This two CD/one DVD/three total chords compilation of the hottest Hot Topic bands supports the Kristin Brooks Hope Center and the Youth America Hotline, which teens can call for peer-to-peer advice on the myriad crises they're prone to. After a listen, the most objective response is to wonder whether the kids might feel better if their favorite bands weren't yelling at them all the time. Running the gamut from screamo to emo to lame-o—with a smattering of metal, hardcore, and pop-rock—this is a bro fest (two female-fronted bands out of the 60-plus) that wants to be sincere and tough at the same time. So: every "whoa" is a "whoooooooooooooooa" and every other chorus is tuneless throat-shredding yelling, and most of the videos on the DVD contain (admittedly hilarious) herky-jerky lurching and convulsing. The lack of variety stands in direct contrast to the indie ethos most of these bands project (only three are on traditional major labels.) Indie music was once (back in my day, sonny) a wellspring of styles from funk to punk to folk to rap, and then some—each one offering some form of emotional purgation with ingenuity and sometimes even melody. The music on Take Action! Volume 6finds the scene bland and the screaming even more so. That's rather depressing. (Michael Coyle)

The Take Action! tour featuring the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus rolls through THE HOUSE OF BLUES, 1530 S. DISNEYLAND DR., Anaheim, (714) 778-BLUE. Wed., 6 P.M. $18.25. ALL AGES; 16 and under must have a guardian present.


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