Cancellation: Sugarcult at House Blues Anaheim Tonight

It came as a pretty big surprise to learn tonight's show featuring Sugarcult with Call the Cops, Prima Donna and Venus Infers has been canceled. When I interviewed

Sugarcult guitarist Marko DeSantis for this Q&A

he sounded completely psyched about the gig, playing for friends and family, and having local, handpicked acts on the roster. In fact, I received a personal email from DeSantis yesterday saying we should meet up at the show and a similar email this morning from their rep at Fearless Record. My point is, unlike when, say, Axl Rose calls in sick, I don't smell any bullshit in this email from management stating that Sugarcult singer Tim Pagnotta is ill "with an upper respiratory infection and has case of laryngitis. He has no voice." 

After the jump: Complete email from management/info on ticket refunds.
With unfortunate news, tonight's show (12/17) featuring Sugarcult / Call the Cops / Prima Donna / Venus Infers is cancelled at House of Blues Anaheim. Sugarcult's lead singer / guitarist, Tim Pagnotta, is sick with an upper respiratory infection and has a severe case of laryngitis. He has no voice. He saw a doctor yesterday and will again today, but he is beyond repair for tonight's show. The entire band is truly disappointed and want to send along their heartfelt apologizes for the circumstances out of their control. We had all looked forward to a great show.

Fans can claim full refunds from point of purchase. If you ordered tickets via Ticketmaster, there will be an automatic refund to your credit card. If you purchased tickets in person at a ticket location, you will need to return to the location for a refund.

No bands will perform tonight. The Toys For Tots booth will still be located in the restaurant area of the House of Blues for anyone that does show up to drop off a toy.

Again, we are very sorry to bring you this unfortunate news of cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.

We will bring you any updates on Sugarcult shows ahead.

We wish everyone a happy holidays.


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