Can You Rap Like Ms. Krazie?

Can You Rap Like Ms. Krazie?

Do you think you've got what it takes to rap with Ms. Krazie? Well, mujeres, now is your chance! Female fans of the rapper have until the end of this week to throw their rhymes into the ring for an opportunity to record with the artist on her next studio album.

The month-long "Rap Like Ms. Krazie" contest, which started on Sept. 16 (or Mexican Independence Day), has garnered over a hundred submissions (check them out here)--with more to come for sure before the Oct. 16 deadline.

The rules of the contest are simple. It is females only and all ages. Aspiring rappers must record themselves performing a verse of their favorite Ms. Krazie song from any of her four studio albums (including her latest, Firme Homegirl Oldies 2). They can upload the unedited video to and post it as a response to the original video announcing the contest.

After the submissions deadline, Ms. Krazie will spend two weeks reviewing the performances before announcing the lucky winner on Nov. 2, or Dia de los Muertos.  The idea of opening up this YouTube channel for a fan's dream to come true came simple the one-time Santa Ana-based rapper. "There is a whole lot of haters and not enough people helping out anymore," Ms. Krazie explains.

This attitude, she said, has produced a change in the rap game. These days, established artists are only collaborating within a circle of well-known rappers in order to sell more records, leaving unknown, yet up-and-coming talent left behind. "Nowadays, it's mostly all about just looking out for 'number one,' yourself, and feeling all 'special,'" Ms. Krazie laments. "It's like are you serious, homie? Come on now, you were an unknown at one point!"

"I know I'm not always able to help every single talented homie that I would like to help out," she says. "It's not easy, but guess what? I've been there and I know how useful even a small chance like this can be for someone who wants this as bad as I did and that alone is a big motivator in this contest." The responses to her call have come in steadily as Ms. Krazie's mijas are flowing past their nerves and hopefully one day into the recording studio with their idol.

Baby Pinks

is a 21-year-old fan from Fresno was the first to record YouTube covers (she was doing covers even before the start of the contest and has submitted multiple videos).

Baby Doll

from Los Angeles has displayed apt ability in matching Ms. Krazie's aggressive delivery while

Lady Envy

from San Antonio chose to record more harmonious slow jams from the rapper's catalogue. Submissions have even come from as far as the United Kingdom with a fan named Sade adding a British accent into the mix.

Seeing her music span the Atlantic Ocean hasn't been the only surprise the contest has provided for Ms. Krazie. "It's amazing," she says in response to the number of submissions that have come in. "At first I was so nervous that maybe no one would enter it [and say] who is this Ms. Krazie girl anyways?"

Now assured that her instincts were spot on, the rapper can sit back, relax and review the videos. "I love seeing the girls who will one of these days become bigger and better than I ever was," Ms. Krazie happily notes. "I'm not a superstar, yet these girls are taking their time to do this and put it out on YouTube in front of the world for this 'Ms. Krazie' chick. I feel honored!"

Now all the rapper has to do is make the tough decision of picking the winner. What's Ms. Krazie looking for? Good vocal strength and fearlessness are among the winning qualities.

In the meantime, if the homies feel assed-out by this inaugural homegirl-only competition, don't trip. "This contest is NOT the last of its kind," Ms. Krazie reassures as she turns her sights to the future. "There will be many more like this to come and up next will be one for the guys." But before that, she's planning to books shows and release her first ever music videos all in support of Firme Homegirl Oldies 2.

"I'm looking forward to all of that and more next year. I'm finally getting to do a lot of things I'm long overdue for. It's about time," she says. "I'm excited. I have some crazy ideas."


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