Butt Rockin' Boat Ride on 02/08

Long Beacher Jeff Phifer reviews Friday's Friendly Neighbors, Ashtray Babies, Vomit Bomb & Bad Parents show at Alamitos Harbor. Also see Fever Dragon's fabulous photos.

There is a new band night in Long Beach called the Butt Rockin' Boat Ride and it's harder and faster than any other night! This baby is leagues ahead of any other venue on the mainland and Friday's “punk rock night” is not to be missed. I can't imagine what people walking by must think when they see a bunch of young punks hanging out on the "Rocket Boat" but I do know that the kids going to prom on the neighboring dock were WAY jealous of the debauchery that their "coming of age" eyes couldn’t resist taking in.

The Rocket Boat is basically a giant speedboat that can seat about 40 people (well, 38 after we were finished). As we cruised around the harbor, I hardly found time to enjoy the scenery. That was until an ocean swell during one of Bad Parents' breakdowns violently rocked the boat, causing everyone to run into each other. Perhaps this was the way the first mosh-pit was formed.

Bad Parents polluted the harbor more than the large ships nearby, with drums that fill your mind with infinite possibilities. Their music packed so much energy into such a small place, I thought for sure someone was going to crowd surf their way overboard, but I was disappointed.

Vomit Bomb also put on a good show. Destiny, the singer, pushed into the crowd, creating even more chaos. She hung from the railings and screamed at the top of her lungs. She had such a theatrical and inspiring stage presence that, while dangerous, made the band all the more interesting to watch. Not surprisingly, I could hear the girl's vocals a lot better than her male counterparts in the other bands. Ashtray Babies and Friendly Neighbors also rocked the boat.

(Aside: Another cool thing about the show is - if you want to meet the band, you're not too far, 'cause they are probably throwing up next to you. If you want to book them, all you have to do is hold their hair.)

There weren't as many kids on board Friday as there were for Mika Miko on the 1st of February, but there was the same fun vibe I have come to expect from this night.

The fact that almost no promotion is done for the show and no one seems to know who books the bands or what bands are going to be playing next helps turn the Butt Rockin' Boat Ride into a mythical creature.

So, if you want to come mosh on a giant speedboat, The Rocket Boat is located at Dock 7 of Rainbow Harbor.


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