Bunny Moseley of the Moseleys

Photo by Jeanne RiceFAVORITE LOCAL BANDS: "Tex Twill (Barry Diamond is so flexible!); Bikeride (Tony Carbone writes songs about summer and having fun with friends we know); the Aquabats (they always ask us to play cool places like the Hollywood Palace with them—thanks, Bat Commander!)."

FAVORITE LIVE SHOW: "The Dave and Deke Combo at Linda's Doll Hut, 1993. This is Deke Dickerson's old band, when they used to play the Doll Hut every Thursday night. Their shows totally ruled! Deke Dickerson is the best guitar player in the world! RIP, Dave and Deke Combo!"

FAVORITE PLACE TO PLAY: "The Hub in Fullerton. It has such great atmosphere! There's lots of brick and trees going on, and it always seems like all your friends are there!"

FAVORITE CDS: "Slanted & Enchanted by Pavement because it's honest and sarcastic, the greatest songs you've never heard on the radio. I don't think they're allowed to be played on the radio; Odelay by Beck (do I have to tell you?); Here Comes the Summer! by Bikeride because I feel like I know the people in these songs—except the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

FAVORITE GUITAR: "The 1966 red Ventures model Mosrite. We rescued it from being shipped off to Japan, where these guitars go to wealthy collectors for a lot of money. It has the best tone ever!"


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