Within the genus of funk music, the variety of beastly and beautiful breeds are well documented. But for a type of music that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and sonic permutations, they all succeed at making you do one simple thing: dance. And as far as our Orange County exposure to funk goes, the Continental Room in Fullerton does it's damnedest.

Tomorrow is just another example of that, as the crimson-dipped watering hole brings the legendary latin psychedelic funk band Brownout! to their stage. "Who is Brownout!," you ask? Well, their mix of syncopated percussion, screeching horns and infectiously eclectic rhythms definitely qualify as both beastly and beautiful. Secondly, they are the reason for this awesome music video for their song "Slinky" on their new record Aguilars and Cobras, released this week. Watch this first and then follow after the jump to find out more about them.

Brownout!: Disgustingly Funky and Coming to Fullerton

Brownout!: Disgustingly Funky and Coming to Fullerton

Getting their musical bearings in Texas, the Brownout! sound gives a thumb in the eye to the over-saturated amount of Cumbia and Tejano music found in their hometown music scene, opting to capture some serious Sly and Family Stone vibes, with a little James Brown mixed in. OK, a lot of JB mixed in. 

Tomorrow night at The Continental Room may be one of the only times they venture to our neck of the woods without veering into LA, so they're definitely worth the trip. Warming up the night will be DJ sets by soul mix masters Steve Kader, Bobby Soul and Billy Goodtimes. If you love the funk, you can't miss this one.


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