Bright Blue Gorilla Go With Le Flow Screening This Saturday
Bright Blue Gorillas

Bright Blue Gorilla Go With Le Flow Screening This Saturday

Though their music may suggest a relaxed energy and mellowness, Robyn Rosencrantz and Michael Glover, aka Bright Blue Gorilla are all about hard work and ambition. Conquering the incredible feat of surviving as musicians and artists, BBG have covered the music, theater and film bases abroad in Europe and United States. The creative duo will be holding a screening of their latest film Go With Le Flo at the San Juan Regency Cinema Saturday August 31. For BBG, this film is their biggest and most successful yet, competing at Cannes in the Marché du Film.

Go With Le Flo is a romantic comedy set in Berlin about a delicatessen worker named Florian who has trouble finding romance. When he meets the lovely florist Camille, he's head over heels in love, only she is already engaged to a big movie star. While he struggles to win her over, the young baker down the street Jenny, also Florian's best friend, is coping with her own crush on Florian. The course of true love never did run smooth!

Prior to the film, audiences will get the added pleasure of being serenaded by BBG with an acoustic concert.

Bright Blue Guerillas
Bright Blue Guerillas

Two guitars, airfare money, and a dream; that's what Rosencrantz and Glover had when they decided to leave their cushy Los Angeles jobs and travel across Europe to make music nearly twenty years ago. Calling themselves Bright Blue Gorillas, they banded together as a songwriting duo and found themselves booked to play their blend of soft, acoustic melodies in clubs in London almost immediately after arriving. They would later sign a record deal with Virgin Records in Holland and release album after album of music "to soothe the savage beast." Though taking a big risk to pursue their dreams in a new place certainly paid off, both are quite grateful for the kindness of strangers. "We met so many people who were inspired by what we wanted to do so they just offered to help. We met a guy who owned a recording studio who invited us to make our demo tape for free, and off of that free tape we were able to get our record deal with Virgin Records. We have so many miracle stories like that," Rosencrantz says.

"If you're a good person and outgoing it can be very helpful," adds Glover "You can completely reinvent yourself in a new place, because people don't know your history or past, they see you for who you are and take you at face value."

While on tour, the two made short music videos for their songs. Glover, on the side, wrote short stories and plays. One of his early plays would win the Eugene O'Neil award, later on he'd win awards at the Camino Real Playhouse. In between tours, they'd keep coming back to Los Angeles; whilst there in the early 2000s, Glover would become self-taught as an editor while working on MTV's The Osbournes, and from there Glover and Rosencrantz began acting and making their own films. Their first film Sister Sarah Sky got rave reviews. Go With Le Flo is their fifth film, for which Rosencrantz and Glover are searching major distribution for in the States.

Currently, Bright Blue Gorillas bounce around Mission Viejo, Los Angeles, and Europe. Throughout all their artistic endeavors, Bright Blue Gorillas have approached everything with a very collaborative, nurturing mindset and a gung ho, DIY attitude. Their films are self-financed, self-produced, and made with friends and fellow actors volunteering their time and efforts to making their films. Rosencrantz calls it a labor of love. "Its just so much fun to get a big group of people together, all working towards a common goal. And with so many people involved it becomes like a big family; It's not the money that's making them come, people are there because they want to be, and there's a special energy that comes through." No monkeying around there.

For more info on the Go With Le Flo screening, go here. And find out more about Bright Blue Gorillas here.

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