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Brainfeeder Audio-Visualist Strangeloop Needs Your Help To Make Sci-Fi Short 'Anamnesia'

This past summer, Brainfeeder audio-visual artist Strangeloop--aka David Wexler--released Fields, a beautiful experiment in sight and sound. Now, he's embarking on a new project: a short film/interactive website/gallery show called Anamnesia. It's the sci-fi film he's dreamed of making since he was 18, and now he needs your help to get it funded.

Wexler says:

Anamnesia is an archetypal sci-fi myth conceived of by resident Brainfeeder audio-visualist [dr.] Strangeloop. In the future, a utopian civilization is driven mad by a mysterious imbalance in the fabric of space and time. As reality comes apart at the seams, Anam, mysteriously unaffected by his civilization's schizophrenic break, journeys through vast unmapped territories looking for answers to aid his dying world.

Anamnesia trailer:

His stellar crew of artist and musician contributors is as follows:

Micah Nelson, visual artist, will be designing the characters of Anamnesia.

Leigh J. McCloskey, artist behind the artwork of Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma, will be providing artwork and input into the cultural aspects of the mythical civilizations of Anamnesia.

Mono / Poly
(Brainfeeder) will be creating the sound-design and musical score to the worlds of Anamnesia.

Brandon Tay (Syndicate), a Singapore-based video artist will be providing compositing and visual effects work.

Gavin Gamboa, video artist behind the experience, will be assisting with the construction of the Anamnesia net-narrative.

Dan Miller, visual artist, will assist in the process of coloring scenes for the film.

They aren't asking much; all they need is $3500 to cover art supplies, the framing and mounting of original works for the Anamnesia gallery show, a high-resolution scanner for the digitizing of artwork, the acquisition of a dedicated server to host the interactive web-experience, a new high-lumen projector for the gallery video-installation, the production of Anamnesia posters, and promotion for the gallery show.

You have until Wed., Dec. 21 to help fund this awesome project, so pledge away!


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