Borgore at Sutra
Borgore at Sutra
Andrew Galuppo / AJG Photography

Borgore Is Tired of Binge Drinking, Would Rather Just Make Dance Music

The Israeli musician, singer, producer and DJ born Asaf Borger, that's Borgore to you, came to Sutra--our favorite EDM haven in Newport Beach--as part of his #TURNTLIFE Spring Tour with opening support from Kennedy Jones for an incredible night of spine-rattling bass. We're exactly one week away from his performance at one of the biggest parties of the year as thousands of EDM crazed fans will take over Las Vegas June 21st - 23rd for Electric Daisy Carnival. We chatted with the self proclaimed "Legend" about his new single, EDC and his new sense of direction.

Borgore's latest "Legend" video was released on Tuesday and will be featured on his upcoming Legend EP due out June 25th on his own independent label Buygore Records. Taking the word literally, Borgore is depicted as an 80's heavy metal icon in a house filled with groupies and a 10-year-old son who, in an attempt to become like his father, pumps iron, guzzles down milk by the carton. The track features Borgore on vocals and a catchy chorus much like his "Decisions" with the former Disney star Miley Cyrus.

"I wrote this song so long ago, but it's about drinking my ass off," he says. "Right now it's a new world. I'm concentrating on what's important." What's important is a step away from the usual rage and debauchery he sings about in his songs. At the Sutra show he was having his own mini party in the artist room with Ookay spinning, ladies everywhere and booze flowing. But the DJ was sitting down on the couch on his laptop working on some final edits to tracks and steering clear from alcohol.

"I used to be stupid and drink until I was out of my mind," Asaf says. "My sister toured with me in Australia and she was like 'dude, you're forgetting why you started this. Stop drinking and start enjoying the music instead of drowning in alcohol'." Wanting to leave a real legacy through his music the artist is concentrating on his career and taking things much more seriously.

See Borgore's new video for "Legend" below

"I can't fuck around right now," he says. "I've got to embrace my luck and the opportunities that I have." Those opportunities came in the form of creating some heavy bass music and dubstep tracks that have made him a staple in the EDM world and a resident in the LA music scene. With plenty of main stage festival appearances this summer and his own #TURNTLIFE tour across the states you wonder where he finds the time to make new tracks like his current hit "Incredible" featuring Carnage.

The new EP features a collaboration with Carnage "That Lean" featuring Dev on vocals, the instrumental hit "Sonata In F Major" and "Kill Them All" which features his long time friend and Israeli pop star Adi Ulmansky. "I'm working on a lot of different stuff. Some dubstep, but I'm going all over the spectrum," says Asaf. "It's the fucking future." As he showed us with his set at Sutra, the artist is playing a lot of house music, trap, drum & bass and even moombahton.

Playing tracks by W&W, Swedish House Mafia, Zomboy to Doctor P Borgore proved his music tastes vary just as much as his taste in women. "It's like every time you have to work for it you know. It's not like you killed it once and then you can just rest," says the DJ. "Every time is a mission and every time you have to conquer it again." He hopes to conquer the main stage at EDC Las Vegas just like he did in Chicago with minimal production this year to bring the attention back to his music, live vocals and create good vibes. "I'm super excited. It will probably be the heaviest set to ever be played on the EDC main stage."

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