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Been slowly feeding my New Year's hangover, and I'm just starting to realize it's time to start going out again and also . . . reading! Recently, I finished Sound Bites by Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos. Kapranos's account of all the meals he ate on wheels (on tour, a few years ago) is at once both a candid look at his childhood and current life among the jetset and a richly detailed food diary, perfect for foodies and novices alike. Stay tuned for a review in the music section on January 18th.

NOW, back to the music: if you don't mind standing in a church full of teenagers, you definitely won't want to miss the CD release party for Lightmusic's debut release, Twin. Three days' notice means you better be there on Thursday, January 11th at 3210 Airport Way, Long Beach, 90806. 8 p.m. and free and I love you. [P.S. Kevin the Intern drums for Lightmusic, but we hired him because he's really smart and love the band independently.]


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