Boob Wars: Katy Perry Gets Knocked Down a Cup Size on the Newsstand

Boob Wars: Katy Perry Gets Knocked Down a Cup Size on the Newsstand

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that Katy Perry was the unquestionable Boob War victor of 2010, two dark horses decided to strut their stuff this month on magazine covers, proving once again that a Boob War never truly ends. The time between cease fires just changes.

Here is Katy's appearance on the cover of December issue of Maxim. It's like she doesn't even care that she's in a fight for breast supremacy. Maybe marriage has made her lose her competitive edge. Maybe all the flack she's been getting from showing off her assets--from complaints by parents of Sesame Street watchers to VH1 reducing them for print ads and posters--has finally gotten to her. Who knows? 

But two actresses took this as a sign of weakness and made their moves. Check out who I'm talking about after the jump.

Ashley Greene
​This Twilight star is continually trying to escape from the slightly toasted shadow of Kristen Stewart. She's the Leighton Meester to Kristen's Blake Lively. The Franken Berry to Kristen's Count Chocula. That's why every time the spotlight falls on her, Ashley takes full advantage of it. 

This month's Cosmo cover is a fine example of that. Sure, she could do the standard, arms-akimbo, "look at me rock a sexy dress" look. But not Ashley. Instead, she pulls out the coquettish expression and the subtle, seductive side-boob flash. 

No one usually equates Ashley with a Boob War, but after this cover, people will start listing her as a formidable combatant. 

Boob Wars: Katy Perry Gets Knocked Down a Cup Size on the Newsstand
Anne Hathaway
December has been a big month for Anne's tits. She was showing them off every 23.5 minutes in her new film, Love and Other Drugs. And now she's let them make a full frontal assault on magazine racks in this month's cover of the UK edition of Elle. 

Like Ashley, not a lot of people think of including Anne in a Boob War because, quite frankly, she seems above that sorta thing. She Acts (capital "A"). She has an Oscar nomination and an Emmy win under her bra. She's been in a Garry Marshall film. She doesn't need to dirty her nipples in a Boob War. 

And that's her secret weapon: She's stealthy. Remember, this is the same actress who flashed her breasts and talked "street"--awkwardly--in Havoc. When push comes to shove, Anne can get rough it up in a Boob War with the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) of them.

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