Bob Seger Lands Best-Selling Catalog Album of the Decade

I would have figured a Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin or Michael jackson disc would have topped the chart. But no, Michigan rocker Bob Seger's

Greatest Hits

"is officially the decade's best-selling catalog album," reads the press release from EMI. It has sold "close to 9 million copies." 

I have a soft spot for Seger and fond memories of my dad, younger brother and I rocking Greatest Hits while cooking out and drinking beer in the Florida sun. Yeah, I procured Pop's vinyl collection featuring several Seger classics. My favorite is the roaring 1976 concert document, Live Bullet, which I also have on CD. As for my favorite track off Greatest Hits, I'm going with "Hollywood Nights," which I recently placed on my "Songs about Southern California" playlist.


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