Bob Saget Tells Us About the Time a Dog Licked His Balls and Inspired Him to Write a Joke

Bob Saget Tells Us About the Time a Dog Licked His Balls and Inspired Him to Write a Joke

As we all hopefully know by now, Bob Saget isn't a bit like Danny Tanner in real life. Well, he is a dad and he is a caring guy...but the buck stops there. What comes out of Bob's mouth while he is on stage is a verbal lashing of twisted jokes and scenarios, wickedly funny statements and of course, some very romantic songs.

And if the world still can't shake the sweet dad image that Saget stopped portraying nearly two decades ago, hopefully they caught his last HBO special That Ain't Right. That would surely set them straight. Saget is loved by many (as we all saw when he was roasted on Comedy Central) and respected by many more reasons (reasons that don't involve sucking dick for coke).

Sounds complex, but it's actually quite simple when you witness Saget's hilarity for yourself this Friday through Sunday at the Irvine Improv. Get your tickets now because it's surely going to be a "Full House." We know we know...bad joke. We couldn't help ourselves.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): You looked like you were on the verge of tears a few times on your Comedy Central Roast. You seemed really touched. Not in a molestation kind of way...

Bob Saget: [Laughs.] I'm a sensitive guy. Was I tearing in happiness or fear? Greg Giraldo was a great guy whom I really miss, he was the only person that when it began really scared the crap out of me. We were talking and became friends when we had a difference of opinions because I didn't want certain jokes in it about certain people in my life. He was like, "Come on Bob. It's Okay." I listened to him and I put freedom of speech above freedom of friendship. I knew my friends would be my friends still. It was all uphill anyways. It was all of my buddies! It was a very fun experience because there was a lot of love behind it.

Did PG-rated TV turn you into a dirty comic or were you dirty before?

Not really, the first stand-up I did was really very irreverent, off-color, and weird. One of the first jokes I wrote when I was 17 was, I have the brain of a German Shepard and the body of a 16-year-old boy. They're both in my car and I want you to see them. It just didn't really make any sense but it was this absurdist ripping kind of comedy that ends in a kind of Groucho humor. It's more jazz like where it doesn't have a giant punchline sometimes. I always loved doing exactly that. I mean, Full House was a job and I took it. America's Funniest Home Videos was a job and I took it. You're not the same person that you are on a sitcom. Well, I guess some people are but that's them.

You have a lot of "animal action" in your sets it seems. You've noticed that right?

I do talk about animals more than my fair share. Most of my stuff now is more of a PSA of don't do that. I want people to stay away from animals. Don't mess with them. Even if you live in the woods and that is how you were raised. I'm a dad and I know what's right and wrong so I like to tell people to stay away if you see a squirrel in your yard. It's a squirrel. [Laughs.]

Does your new puppy also lick your balls or is that something you'll teach her to do in obedience school?

She's not allowed to, it would not work. It's a Maltese and even though I would be very complimented because of the size of the dog, she's too small. We call her a rescue dog because we rescued her from whoever would have bought her in Bel Air. She was rescued from an incredibly materialistic life. [Laughs.] The other one didn't really do it either. What happened was that I had a King Charles Spaniel and...I can't even believe I am telling you this story. The truth was this dog was very sick and I loved him very much, I had him for nine years. I was just sitting alone in the den there writing new material and he came over and just nestled his face. I was like, what are you doing? Back up! Then I called my nephew and was like, I think my dog just tried to lick my balls. [Laughs.] Then I thought, that's a funny idea because that is all they do! They nestle and are cuddly but they don't know if they're crossing any lines. The next morning my daughters came over and I told them the funniest thing happened. Is this funny? I sang them the chorus and they said, "Dad, it's hilarious." That's how that started.

Sounds like it's pretty cool to have Bob Saget as a dad. Your comedy seems to get fans of all ages.

Thank you so much. Yeah, it's funny because I get an older following now too. I get 18-year-olds and like 60 and 70-year-olds coming in because I have such a weird cross-demographic. Anybody who thinks a show that I did 25 years ago is how I'm going to talk on stage now...I mean I could do that, but I just do what I think is funny. I'm not a shock value comedian. Family Guy and South Park are dirtier than me.

Ha, if you say so! Since you'll be taping your new special on July 19th, will you be giving Irvine a sneak preview?

I can't wait for this weekend. I've been doing more clubs this year to prepare since my last special was four years ago. I was just picking clubs that are near and dear to me and Irvine is maybe one of the best clubs in the county. I'll be working out my new hour. There are a lot of new songs and stories with a lot of new jokes. None of them were really in my last HBO special. I'll also do a few things that people enjoy because I have to. Like there's one about my dog and everyone can sing along. It'll be a beautiful chorus.

See what Bob's up to next on his website and by following him on Twitter @BobSaget. Hurry and get your tickets now to see him this Friday through Sunday (June 29th- 1st) at or by calling 949-854-5455. The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618.

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