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BLOK to Headline an Extra-Spooky Edition of Plugged Into Local at Alex's Bar, Oct. 24

We don't give a fuck that it's happening a week before Halloween,

Plugged Into Local

can and will scare the shit out of you this month. October's installment of our lil' monthly concert series returns with three bands who trade in bone-cracking aggression, blood-curdling screams, and three signature brands of slash-and-burn stage charisma. On Wednesday, October 24, psych (as in "psycho") rap troupe


are headlining at

Alex's Bar

with guttural blues thrashing from the ghouls of

Death Hymn Number 9

. And last but not least, we've added the 24/7 creepiness of throat-shredding post (mortem) rock of new comers

Dead Terror

(we just played a game of mini golf with these dudes, trust us, they're fucking twisted). And in case you're wondering, OF COURSE we had to have this show at Alex's Bar. It might be in Long Beach, but can you think of a better Halloween bar destination? Neither could we.

So as far as our headliners go, they really need no introduction. But since we're local music writers and introductions are kind of our thing here you go...

Ball together the dirt-stained, glitchy beats of Squarepusher, the electric spasticity of Iggy Pop and James Chance the fashion sense of Prince and the Revolution, and splash it with a bucket of sacrificial lambs blood and a fist full of glitter and, well, there you go. For the last several years, this sibling trio of Damien Blaise, Gianna Gianna and Jesse St. John have owned the Orange County Music Awards Best Hip-Hop category which, in a way, is a criminally limiting distinction. Who knows what the hell these guys are half the time. All we know is the beats are tight, the vibe is live and dance moves speak for themselves. 

The show starts at 9 p.m. and is (as always) an RSVP-only affair. I know, us and our exclusivity. But there's a reason for it. We want these shows to be about community and we want to know who our community is. Simple. Don't be shy, make yourself a known PIL supporter. And by the way, it takes all of  two seconds to do. Find out below how to get into the show...

All you have to do to get in is RSVP at PIL's web page and we'll get you on the list. Space is limited so get on this ASAP! Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. 


Here's a taste of who you're coming to see:


Death Hymn Number 9:

Dead Terror:

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