Blink-182 coming to Irvine

The recently reunited Blink-182 is bringing its summer tour to the Corporate Sponsored Outdoor Venue formerly known as Irvine Meadows Sept. 17. The show (and subsequent tour) also includes Weezer, Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects.

I hated Blink-182 when I was a teenager, but I've grown to like some of their tunes as I get old and lame. The less I considered them a punk band and the more I thought of them as a pop band, the more I liked them.

But...I saw Blink-182 a few times, mostly at festivals (no, I never paid money to see them). And while kids everywhere are stoked (teens still use that word, right?), I've got some pretty bad news for them.

Blink-182 was consistently the worst live band on the planet when they existed. Drummer Travis Barker is a phenom behind the kit, but his hip-hop/dance thing he does with the high hat never fit with what the other two guys were doing. Compared to guitarist/singer Tom DeLonge, bassist Mark Hoppus can sing (but not compared to many others). Unfortunately, Hoppus could never play a lick to save his life. DeLonge, on the other hand, was a solid guitarist and the worst singer to ever be in a chart-topping group.

Hearing them live was akin to hearing your parents having sex. The few times I had the misfortune of seeing Blink-182, within ten seconds I was asking myself how much studio time the band used to fix all its mistakes. My guess is, the members lay down one take of everything, because let's face it, it's not getting any better. Then ProTools worked its magic and auto-tuned all the faults.

And before this gets all sorts of anti-Blink comments, more than once I heard/read Hoppus and DeLonge mention how they couldn't play. At least they were up front about it. Plus, I really dig that "yeah my girlfriend song," whatever it's called.


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