We will mock you
We will mock you
Megan Thompson

Bleeding Through Show Their Lighter Side

Bleeding Through have always been known as a heavy band with just enough metal and hardcore influences to please a wide variety of fans. The Great Fire, the group's latest full-length record set for release on Tuesday (Jan. 31), won't change that notion. The Orange County sextet—Brandan Schieppati, Dave Nassie, Brian Leppke, Marta Peterson, Ryan Wombacher and Derek Youngsma—march through 14 songs of chaotic energy sure to piss off your parents and teachers alike (which is the point of heavy music, right?). With titles such as "Starving Vultures," "Walking Dead," "The Devil and Self Doubt" and "Trail of Seclusion," you'd expect the band to be a group of stern-faced musicians without a sense of humor. But you'd be wrong.


OC Weekly: What did you do different for your new record?


Bleeding Through perform with Upon a Burning Body and Suffokate at Chain Reaction, www.allages.com. Sun., 6:30 p.m. $13 in advance; $15 at the door. All ages.

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Dave Nassie: We wrote the record in the studio this time around. We were lucky to have a friend and great producer who lives here in Orange County be willing to work with us and let us take over his place. This record was easy to put together and about as stress-free as it gets. Everyone was just prepared and ready to go from moment one. 


Is it difficult to try to be heavier for each new release?

I don't think so. This is the heaviest record I have heard from the band. I have done two records with the band and with this one our main focus was to just make the most honest record we could. Rise [the band's label] enables us to be ourselves and for that we are very thankful. I didn't realize myself how it was shaping up till after we had about 10 tunes. At that point, I could fine-tune my focus to see the big picture. It was really written very easily—being spread between Brandan, Brian and myself. But the whole band really added and wrote as it went, changing it all the time.


Your record is titled The Great Fire. What makes a great fire? And on the other end of the spectrum, what makes a lousy fire?

Lots of pissed-off intention . . . lighter fluid. That's what my neighbor would tell you. 


I'm assuming "Final Hours" is about how we're all going to die this year. How do you plan on spending your final hours?

I hope to be sleeping or running with my son clutched in my arms while I shield him from the end of the world and the giant robots coming over the horizon. Big finishes are always good. 


I was watching this VH1 documentary about metal and the guy said that every metal band in the '80s had a power ballad. So where's yours?

C'mon, man. Do your history. "Wings," baby. That's as close as you get. 


Is your song "Goodbye to Death" about Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey? If not, how can I say goodbye to death?

Sorry, I am dull-witted with this one. 


Your bio mentions "fan-favorite keyboardist Marta." Can you explain why Marta is a fan favorite?

Well, let's see. She is a totally talented woman in the field of metal and is easy to look at. You're welcome, Marta.


With so much talk of you being a heavy band, tell me . . . who bench-presses the least amount and what is the exact weight that that person can lift? 

Ryan. He benches Red Vines and Pop-Tarts. But he sleeps on a bed of motorcycle helmets covered in glass. 


Let's say I made a rifle burst and it hit you in the leg. Now you're bleeding through your jeans. How would you stop the blood rushing from your thigh? 

If you shot me, I might just go with it. Might be a good call. 


Based on the title alone, do you think Beavis and Butt-head are going to dig the new record?

I hope so. You never know!


Are you thinking about breaking up soon so you can headline Coachella in 10 years?

Done. I quit.


This column appeared in print as "Bleeding Through."


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