Big weekend at Detroit...again, yeeesh.

Big weekend at Detroit...again, yeeesh.

Okay, so most of you who read this blog probably get the sense that us Heard Mentality goons generally like what happens at Detroit Bar on a weekly basis. Sometimes we write about them way too much considering that there are about 100 or so perfectly good (or at least mediocre) places to get drunk and dance in Orange County. But you have to understand, they really don't make it fair for us sometimes. Barely a week after hosting fucking GZA of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan these guys produce another hip hop idol and a house music demigod in the same weekend.....c'mon guys.

Tonight, west coast mixer Donald Glaude comes to Detroit's monthly event Bristol Sessions (which we've written about numerous times) to bring his signature brand of hard hitting house to the Costa Mesa club. This is supposed to be considered a "warm-up" party for the IE mega rave "How Sweet It Is" happening this weekend in Ontario. But trust me, those funky padded things on the walls of the dance floor may actually come in handy tonight as you all bounce your brains out.

And THEEEEN, as if that we're enough, the dudes from Abstract Workshop (another event that we typically scribble about) are bringing Mr. Golden-Age rap royalty, Big Daddy Kane to the stage on Saturday. Since reemerging onto the hip hop scene in the early '00s, Kane has forsaken some of the gold chains (note: some) for some back pack rap swagger, evidenced by his work Jurassic 5 (Soup of J5 will be at the Detroit show by the way), Beat Junkies, Little Brother and other subterranean beat smiths and rhyme slangers. And he'll be backed by Connie Price and the Keystones, a hellified experimental L.A. hip hop group that requires your immediate attention.

So yeah, we're on Detroit Bar's nuts with this blog post, yet again. But ya know what, it might be better to think of it this way: The clubs bring in acts because there is a demand or at least a great likelihood that fans are gonna shell out the cash to see them. The media (me) covers the shit that the fans are generating buzz over. Detroit gets a lot of buzz because a lot of people go, therefore they are worth writing about. So at least for this week, just remember that when a sensational sack presents itself, the fans and the media swing together.


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