Big week(s) for local faves at HOB Anaheim

Big week(s) for local faves at HOB Anaheim

In the eyes of talented local bands and many of their obsessed, merch buying followers, the fight for respect, recognition and a paying gig is a battle waged night after night.Whether it's on cramped stages in half empty bars or packed small-time venues in their stomping ground of choice, some wouldn't have it any other way. But hey, getting a sweet break or a little extra exposure always helps.

In the narrative of several hard-working OC bands, that's where the Anaheim House of Blues comes in. Though derided by many as a sterile, Disney version of what this venue franchise is supposed to be, most of us concede that there have been plenty of kick-ass shows here. And that includes some of the local bands we've grown to love. This week offers a unique opportunity to see three nights-worth of OC acts, including a few that have graced out pages and blogs from time to time.

Starting on Thursday, June 4 with Grateful Dead Tribute Band Cubensis (officially an "LA band" but spend most of their time out here), the House of Blues gives us some hometown bands a taste of the big leagues in almost back to back fashion. Friday night brings a showcase of strictly OC bands including the alternative, Slidebar-esque sounds of We Are the Arsenal, along with Sleep District, Bidwell and Love Hate Hero. All of which have graced the stages of some our most reputable rock venues.

And then last but not least, a band you never get tired of hearing about, Venus Infers is playing it's biggest gig to date the week after on Monday June 8 (so yeah, it's not all crammed into one full week, but close enough). The sharp dressed rockers are opening for legendary post punk crooner Peter Murphy. Not bad for some boys from around the way. So as advocates of native-born sonic wonders, do yourselves and us a favor and show local music some support in the coming days at the House of Mouse. 


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