Big Drill Car news

OC pop/punk group Big Drill Car reunited recently to play a few shows across the country. You can read all about that here. The foursome hadn't played in 16 years, but decided it was time to hit the stage to play the hits. And now they've decided to do more than that.

According to manager Greg Jacobs, BDC recorded five new songs at some point this month. The tunes aren't mixed yet, but the band hopes to have them ready for its upcoming SoCal shows with ALL and My Name (July 18 at the HOB). The release in question will also feature a few rare tracks and some odds and ends such as unreleased material from No Worse for the Wear with original drummer Danny Marcroft (he left the group before that album was released) and some 7" stuff.

No word on where BDC goes from here, but it's a start.


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