Big D and the Kids Table - Aladdin Jr. - 7/31/12

Big D and the Kids Table - Aladdin Jr. - 7/31/12

Big D and the Kids Table
Aladdin Jr

The past week has been filled with a number of ska shows:

Christian Dasilva's

benefit gig,

Reel Big Fish's Summer of Ska

at the

Sunset Houseof Blues


 City National Grove of Anaheim

, The Skank Agents at The Common Lounge and Skacore Invasion which featured over 50 bands. 

Little did fans know that a secret show was being planned for Big D and the Kids Table, a band hailing from Boston, Mass.

Flyers had been made and put on Big D's merchandise table at the Hollywood show, but it wasn't until Saturday that the Facebook event page had officially announced that Big D would be headlining the not-so-secret-show. By then, word spread and fans scrambled to figure out more details of the event. What's the max capacity? Are tickets only at the doors? What time does Big D go on? The show took place at the

Aladdin Jr.

, a fairly small Mediterranean restaurant with a warehouse-like building connected at its side. A few ska kids were already present and grubbin' on food, waiting until someone singled for the line to start.

 It wasn't until 6:30 p.m. that a queue of roughly 50 people had formed and slowly wrapped around the side of the restaurant. Inside the warehouse, a small stage (smaller than Chain Reaction's!) was provided for bands, a merchandise table was set up in the back of the area, and the rest was empty space for fans to skank and dance. Despite the body heat that had culminated as people trickled in, fans mingled with one another and kept the vibe friendly as they shared memories of when they last saw the band. By the time Big D and the Kids Table took stage, the heat inside had intensified to the point where by the end of the night, everyone inside seemed like they had jumped inside of a pool.

 A mosh pit was formed since songs where too rough for skanking, those against the stage where in constant battle of not pushing over Dave McWane (vocalist) when shoved, and there was constant crowd surfing to which McWane seemed to enjoy as he immediately joined in on the fun. At the end of the show, fans walked out drenched in a mix of sweat and beer along with battle scars that illustrated the intensity of the night. Faces were punched, crowds were surfed and everyone walked out with huge smiles on their face as Big D and the Kids Table wrapped up a glorious, ska-filled-week.

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