[Best of OC 2008 Post Cards] Arts & Culture: Greetings From Teppei Teranishi
Photo by Jeanne Rice

[Best of OC 2008 Post Cards] Arts & Culture: Greetings From Teppei Teranishi

As the lead guitarist and a founding member of Thrice, Teranishi has called Orange County home since he was 9 years old. He currently resides in Orange with his wife and 1-year-old son and has found a brand-new appreciation for the county.


When I moved to Irvine from LA, Irvine was all farms and open fields, —quite different from what it is now. But my favorite thing about Orange County would be Old Towne Orange; I just love the fact that it has character and a feeling of identity. There’s just a sense of history, especially compared to the rest of Orange County, which is what drew my wife and me here in the first place. I’m always grabbing a bite to eat, fueling up on coffee, or just taking a stroll through the Circle. I’m pretty excited there’s a new public library as well.

Ever since we had a baby, I’ve been rediscovering some things about Orange County, one of them being Laguna Beach. I always forget the fact we live near the ocean and beautiful beaches. I’ve always been a bit put off by Newport and Huntington beaches—I don’t do well with crowds. I like the laid-back vibe of Laguna.

Irvine Regional Park is also starting to become a favorite place of mine. I love taking my kid there and picnicking in the fields, playing on the playgrounds, watching the horses, going to the zoo, etc. I love that there’s a place near us that provides so much open space and nature, sans the 1 million SUVs and half a million strip malls.


• Irvine Regional Park, 1 Irvine Park Rd., Orange, (714) 973-6835 or (714) 973-3173; www.ocparks.com/irvinepark.


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