Best Coast Gets Remix Treatment From a Norwad

Best Coast Gets Remix Treatment From a Norwad

Pitchfork reported today that indie fuzz band Best Coast's song "Boyfriend" got a sonic re imagining courtesy of Norwegian musician Lindstrom (one word.)

The song chosen for this second draft was "Boyfriend," which in our humble opinion is not the most stellar Best Coast jam--sort of a whiny, droning ode to unrequited lust (yawn).
Curious listeners can check out the track at Havaianas Clothing's Facebook page-- apparently the mashup is a promotional tool for the clothing company, known for making graffiti scribbled flip-flops. Best Coast will be performing live at one of the company's "pop up shops" in Los Angeles on Friday.

It might seem Lindstrom, who is known for creating pulsing, disco-infused dance jams could only make the song worse, but this isn't the case. The new song's "Dancing Queen" synths are accompanied by a four on the floor rhythm which takes the song's focus from a spoiled child of privilege bitching about how life isn't fair and unlocks its previously unseen camp value.  Suddenly, the droniness takes on a spaced out hypnotic quality, perfect for dancing to while ingesting psychedelic drugs.

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