Before It Gets Old: Guitar Hero: The Beatles

OK, so the jokes in this video will surely fly over the heads of all but the most ardent rhythm game enthusiasts, but there are a ton out there at this point, so I feel pretty secure in posting this. Tomorrow is Beatles Day across the globe--what with the much anticipated release of not only The Beatles: Rock Band, but also the entire remastered Beatles catalog and the Stereo and Mono boxed sets. Everyone seems to agree that The Beatles: Rock Band is much more "Norwegian Wood" than "Yellow Submarine"--Metacritic has it at the always desirable "universal acclaim" mark--but this video asks what life would be like if the super-popular yet perhaps less didactically musically nerdy Guitar Hero franchise, the same team that released a game called Guitar Hero: Metallica and included a song by the Foo Fighters, landed the Beatles license instead. Geeky lulz ensue!

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