Beating a Dead Horse: Coachella Third Day Pics, Easy Access Links!

Beating a Dead Horse: Coachella Third Day Pics, Easy Access Links!

Coachella may be a distant, sweaty, sticky memory at this point, but that doesn't mean that I'm willing or able to shut up about it quite yet.

Beth Stirnaman had some car troubles, causing her arduous trek from Indio to be delayed (and nothing's better than being stuck in Indio when there isn't a huge music festival going on), but did that stop her from delivering these great day three images? Heck no! Check them out here. She got Peter Bjorn & John, Perry Farrell, K'naan, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (yeah, pictured), Paul Weller, My Bloody Valentine, the Kills, the Cure and even more! Wowzers.

Oh, and to be extra helpful, I also catalogued all of our blogs from over the weekend right here. Click on the j-j-j-jump to check it out.

Live from Friday:
Live from Coachella: The Disappointment Begins!

Live from Coachella: Actual Music! We Are Scientists!

Live from Coachella: Wrapping Up (But Not Really!)

Live from Coachella: Like a Musical Tasting Menu

Saturday morning Friday wrap-ups:

Live(ish) from Coachella: Paul McCartney Plays Nearly his Entire 50-year Catalogue

Live(ish) from Coachella: Morrissey Just Says No to Burning Animal Flesh

Live(ish) from Coachella: Final Friday Thoughts!

Live from Saturday:

Live from Coachella: Blitzen Trapper, Other Stuffs

Live from Coachella: Dr. Dog, Amanda Palmer, Henry Rollins, Shirtless D-Bags

Live from Coachella: Record Store Day!

Late night Saturday wrap-up:

Live(ish) from Coachella: Killers? Headliners? Sure!

Sunday morning Saturday wrap-up:

Live(ish) from Coachella: Sunday Morning Coming Down

Live from Sunday:

(About to Be) Live from Coachella: The H is O

Live from Coachella: The Knux Knuckle Up

Live from Coachella: The Body Says No (plus, Okkervil River, Sebastien Tellier, Lupe Fiasco!)

Live from Coachella: Is There a Band Cooler than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Honestly?

Live from Coachella: Feeling the Earth Move Under My Feet (My Bloody Valentine, Public Enemy, The Cure)

(Barely) Live from Coachella: It's All Over Except the Crying. Cure Get the Hook!


Late Coachella Sets = Big Time Fines?

(Definitely Not) Live From Coachella: Good times, but no new finds

(Not) Live from Coachella: The N00b Reflects


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Day two


Day three


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Big time thanks to Beth Stirnaman, Nate Jackson and Spencer Kornhaber for their work!


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