Be a Part of #TOKECHELLA This Weekend With Heard Mentality!

Be a Part of #TOKECHELLA This Weekend With Heard Mentality!

Imagine for a second that you're in the crowd at Coachella this Saturday, sweating your ass off. The band you came to see is still in the middle of an annoying, feedback-filled sound check. Eventually you realize this is the perfect time to step up your game and celebrate 4/20 in proper festival fashion. All of the sudden, you reach for the arsenal of spliffs you rolled and duct taped to regions of your body no one wants to hear about. But wait...why do get stoned alone as a nameless, faceless individual in the crowd when you could truly share the experience with fellow Coachella tokers and OC Weekly readers? Well, now you can! In the spirit of 4/20 this weekend at Coachella, we're inviting anyone sparking up a good time at the festival on Saturday to tweet us their best sneak-a-toke shots to Heard Mentality's Twitter at @OCWeeklyMusic with the hashtag #TOKECHELLA or send us a pic on Instagram at @OCWeekly. We'll use the best ones for a commemorative pot-smoking post in honor of this high holiday. See you on the polo field...and you better be willing to share.

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