Bands Needed for Anaheim Venue

I got this MySpace message about a venue in Anaheim looking for bands. Seeing how I'm not in a band, it doesn't apply to me. But it might to you. Or maybe your friends. Either way, if this turns out bunk, don't come crying to me. If it's legit, I accept cash and the occasional check.


Ron here from Mirror Image Studios.

We have absolutely the best Showcase Concert Theater in Southern California. I am personally looking for quality bands to book for upcoming shows. These shows will be broadcast World Wide, and your band will receive a HI Quality 24 bit live DVD and Audio CD of your live performance. I look forward to speaking with you and your band about this awsome oppurtunity!!

We are also taking sign ups for the Battle of the Bands for June and JUly where we will
be giving a $1000 Cash Prize!!!
Call me directly at 714-575-8990 or for more details go to

Best regards,
Ron Sachs

We are located at:
1254 N. La Loma Circle
Anaheim,Ca. 92806
714-585-0461 or 714-575-8990
E Mail



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