Bad Religion Giving Away New Album

Bad Religion Giving Away New Album

Who doesn't have love for local punk rock legends Bad Religion? As it turns out, Greg Graffin and co. really really love you back, too. Theyr'e giving away a free digital album called 30 Years Live. Recorded during Bad Religion's just-finished Southern California House of Blues tour, it features songs from How Could Hell Be Any Worse, Recipe For Hate, Suffer, Stranger Than Fiction, The Grey Race, Against The Grain, The Empire Strikes First and Generator.  Find out how to get the album (and see the track listing) after the jump.
Starting today (and only for a limited time!) you can sign up for the band's mailing list at You'll then get a link to the free digital download of 30 Years Live

There's a bonus, too: live versions of two new songs: "Won't Somebody" and "Resist Stance," both of which will be on the group's next studio album, due out this fall.

30 Years Live Track Listing:
1. Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell
2. Dearly Beloved
3. Suffer
4. Man With A Mission
5. New Dark Ages
6. Germs of Perfection
7. Marked
8. A Walk
9. Flat Earth Society
10. Resist Stance
11. American Jesus
12. Social Suicide
13. Atheist Peace
14. Tomorrow
15. Won't Somebody
16. Los Angeles Is Burning
17. We're Only Gonna Die

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