Axis of Awesome Play 48 Songs in Four Chords

A few months ago writer Ali Lerman caught the Axis of Awesome at the KROQ comedy show, Kevin and Bean's April Foolishness. Back then she said, "the three men (Lee, Benny and Jordan) are hilarious and have musical talent to back it up. They sang "How to Write a Love Song," did a cover (of sorts) called "Bird Plane," and brought everyone to their feet with "Four Chords." Axis of Awesome were the best act of the night and received a well-deserved standing ovation. They should rename their group Axis of Even More Awesome Awesomeness."

Well, the Australian trio finally released the music video for the song "Four Chords"... and it's funny too funny for words! The song itself isn't that new, but they've added a few gems to the repertoire. (Double rainbow, anyone?) Watch it after the jump.


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