Awkward Backup Dancer In 'Friday' Video Speaks Out

The Internet is weird. The fact that you can achieve even a miniscule notch of pseudo-Internet-fame simply for being a backup dancer on what's been pegged as the Worst Music Video Ever blows my mind. Yes, I'm talking about Rebecca Black's "Friday" video. And yes, I'm talking about Bennet "Benni" Cinkle, the bracefaced girl in pink who flails her arms awkwardly in the back of a convertible as Black sings epic lyrics such as "Fun, fun/think about fun/you know what it is."  
Cinkle is one of Black's friends and schoolmates in Anaheim Hills. And because she has been asked, "like, a whole bunch of questions on Tumblr," she made her own video discussing everything from Justin Bieber to her driveway length (128 feet!) to "why I dance so weird."

It's kind of cute/amusing, especially if you're like me and have (willfully!) watched the "Friday" video 10-plus times because it somehow warps your brain into a state of happy confusion. If you're desperate to know even more about Cinkle, you can read her Tumblr at or join 6,000 71,000 others who've become her fan on Facebook.  


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