Avoiding a Hangover

I know it's Cinco de Mayo, but if you're over 21, may I suggest taking that cash otherwise spent on cervezas and putting it toward a good cause. Lupus International will be hosting a benefit concert this Saturday at Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach. Lupus is a potentially fatal chronic illness in which a person's immune system turns and attacks healthy tissue for reasons unknown. Alongside environmental activist Alana Lipp, event co-organizer Rachel Dunklemanis, who is just 16 years old, has dedicated herself to raising awareness about lupus in support of her mother, who was diagnosed 25 years ago. Although the disease can strike either gender, nine out of 10 people diagnosed with lupus are women.

An impressive lineup has been set up, as many bands are eager to help, including Los Angeles-based rock band Vokee. "We've always had strong feelings about playing events that carry a positive message," says vocalist Ontronik. "When we were asked to join the lupus fund-raiser, we accepted the invitation to play and knew it would be a great cause. We know a lot of people feel the same and will join us to show their support."

Along with Vokee, other bands set to play are Jupiter, Inverse, Drop Dead Beats, and Iglu & Hartly. Although the show is all ages, anyone under 21 will be ushered out around 10 p.m.; the music is expected to continue well past midnight.

Spend this holiday rocking for lupus. You'll feel better about yourself in the morning.

Cinco De Mayo Rock Out at Hogue Barmichaels, 3950 Campus Dr., Newport Beach, (888) 532-2322; www.lupusinternational.com. Sat., 6:30 p.m. $15. All ages.


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