Aushua Prepare New EP, National Tour

Aushua Prepare New EP, National Tour

It's been a while since we've heard from the fine young men of Aushua, but here comes some news: they're about ready to release an EP, Limbo, featuring six new tracks. As is the custom 'round these parts, they're celebrating the release with a show at Detroit Bar on July 11, with We Barbarians and Red Cortez in tow.

July 11 is also the day before Aushua launches a nationwide tour supporting Long Island's Nightmare of You, a trek that'll take them all the way to the Mercury Lounge in NYC (exotic!)--with Phoenix, four dates in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts and more in between--before wrapping up August 2 at Maxwell's in Hoboken, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Alfred Stieglitz and G. Gordon Liddy (two out of three ain't bad).

I chatted with Aushua's Phil Newyear recently, and told him that I was psyched they were touyring with Nightmare of You--I was a big fan of their mostly under-the-radar self-titled 2005 album. "Apparently they are fun to see live and sound great," Newyear wrote via e-mail of the pairing. "They will be good for us to go out with and get in front of some areas we've never played before."

We're looking forward to hearing some Limbo tracks soon, and will for suresies talk with Aushua more leading up to the release show and tour. Keep reading, yo. And you can follow Aushua on Twitter here. They need more followers! I think my 13-year-old nephew has more than them right now.


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