Audible Mainframe frontman spits new tracks

Audible Mainframe frontman spits new tracks

As far as hip hop bands go, you won't find too many day-to-day grinders like Audible Mainframe. Whether their rocking your local college campus or enjoying they're monthly gig at Mai Tai Bar in Long Beach, these guys rarely take time to do anything else but hop on stage (and maybe squeeze in a day job). And for AMF's vivacious front man MC Exposition (aka MC Expo, aka Victor Pontes-Macedo aka the drunk guy on stage sporting an afro and ferocious rhyme skills), sometimes that's still not enough.

He's recently released a new stable of solo tracks that are worth a listen. Joints like "I used to be a B-boy" muster a mix of introspective assessments of this maturing word smith in concert with hot beats and a touch of that east coast gritty, saliva slangin' delivery. Since the release of his highly regarded sophomore album "Take a Penny Leave a Penny" in 2006, we haven't heard any news about his efforts on the solo front. But if these tracks are any indicator of an album to come, he should stop teasing and just give it to us already.

Check out new MC Expo tracks....RIGHT HERE!

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