Attention: Petaluma and West Palm Beach

Fathers, lock up your daughters: Alfunction's coming to town.

It seems as if a little band named (hed) PE has upcoming shows and needs a bass player. Something about their regular bassist having work visa programs. I don't know... Anyway, like every smart set of musicians in Orange County, when stuck with this predicament, you call Alfunction.

Best know as the guitarist in local rock band SiX, Mr. Function will be holding down the low end on this trip. He's got to learn something like 20 songs in a few days, but based on my experience with him, that's like asking Kobe Bryant if he can dunk over an eight grader. Al's done the hired gun thing before (Cypress Hill and OPM), so this sort of thing isn't new to him.

I've played in two bands with Alfunction and he never ceased to amaze me. Whether it's an endless supply of Gene Simmons impressions, more auto knowledge than your local mechanic, a collection of gear that rivals Guitar Center or his kick-ass facial hair, Al rules. Oh, and I forgot, he's one of the best guitar players in this county and it's 'bout time the rest of you recognized that.

This new version of (hed) PE plays Friday in Petaluma and some mega-festival called the Locofest on March 14. Someone film that shit. I always get a kick out of seeing my friend on a big stage.


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