Attention Guitar Hero Junkies

It’s Guitar Hero on your cell phone! (kind of)

AT&T has announced it’s launch of the new cell phone game GuitarStar.

Modeled after the video game phenomenon, GuitarStar uses similar beat matching technology, instructing players to “catch” guitar picks flying across the screen’s cross hairs design in time with the music.

The better your hand-eye coordination, the faster you can rise from lowly garage band to stadium superstar, and high scores grant access to new songs of increasing difficulty.

AdME, GuitarStar’s developer, says the game is “the first mobile game fully capable of synchronizing visual movements with the beat of the underlying musical sound track in order to significantly amplify the player’s level of gaming engagement.”

As for character choices, you can pick from either a rock-cliche cartoon or a member of an actual band (available for download). Several emerging bands that have signed on to be part of GuitarStar include Hoopla, Bowling Gnomes, The Carps, Mankind Is Obsolete, and The Daily Pravda.

Never heard of them? Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll get some bigger names as things get rolling.

*Sidenote: Upon researching, I’ve discovered that The Carps kick a decent amount of ass.


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