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    Pelvic Persuasions!

    Photo by James Bunoan CHEAP LAYS, ROLLING BLACKOUTS, MYSTERY GIRLS ALEX'S BAR, LONG BEACH SUNDAY, FEB. 10 The Cheap Lays--featuring noted local LA rock scribe Namella J. Kim on bass and art-rocker Brett Schultz on guitar, sockless tonight for no...

    on February 20, 2003
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    Revolucion Grrrl Style Now! - Dominatrix make you hurt real bad

    It's hard to find a Dominatrix album if you want one. We found ours burned onto a CD-R and bundled in a receipt from a fax machine, sunning itself on a lawn chair outside a petite dollhouse apartment, tracked down after a series of late-night secret...

    by Chris Ziegler on February 20, 2003
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    Twang Bangers - Drag the Rivers country-punk ethos

    Depending on how late it's getting and how many drinks have been chugged, certain names inevitably pop up when the conversation turns to Who Was the First Punk: Iggy Pop? No. Johnny Cash? No. Hank Williams? No. Lao Tzu? Wait--he was the first hippie...

    by REX REASON on February 20, 2003
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    Un-Google-able - The Rattlesnakes put a foot in your arse

    Photo by Jeanne RiceMost everyone I talk to about the Rattlesnakes agrees they're one of the best bands in SoCal. They also agree they're one of the most A) weird, B) bitchy (actually, guitarist Candice Getten seems proud of that one) and C) sociall...

    by KAT JETSON on February 20, 2003
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    Getting It Right - Bolcoms stupendous Songs

    Photo by Stan ShoukEven if William Bolcom's Songs of Innocence and of Experience were less excellent than it mostly is, it would rank as a monument to rampant artistic ambitiousness and, for that matter, sheer artistic gall. The fact that last week'...

    by ALAN RICH on February 20, 2003
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    Hubby Hunting

    THE DIVINE COMEDY/RICHARD SWIFT THE DETROIT BAR WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29 "He's beautiful!" "He's Irish!" "He has a child!" These were one woman's chaste and breathless descriptions of Neil Hannon, singer/songwriter for the Divine Comedy. And it was ...

    on February 13, 2003
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    Sneaky Good

    TRESPASSERS WILLIAM DIFFERENT STARS (11-TRACK FULL-LENGTH) Pain is good, or at least it can be when shared by the likes of Trespassers William. The Costa Mesa art-rock band create ethereal, haunting tunes that, because of their shimmering beaut...

    by JOHN ROOS on February 13, 2003
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    Nothing to Prove - Ikey Owens and the sonic politics of race

    Photo by Jeanne RiceTouring with indie rock faves Mars Volta was a typical rock-star journey for Ikey Owens. There were rabid fans, criminally boring van trips and nights of keyboard banging with a band he loved. The crowd reactions were typical, to...

    by ANDREW ASCH on February 13, 2003
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    Psychotic Reaction - Who are the Mystery Girls?

    Now is the time for Beethoven to get fucked. As a child prodigy, he was something of a fraud--his dad fudged his age by two years so he'd be more competitive against Mozart--and thus cast a shadow of suspicion over all god-gifted kids to follow, up ...

    by Chris Ziegler on February 13, 2003
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    A Rivers Runs Through It

    AM RADIO CHAIN REACTION, ANAHEIM SUNDAY, JAN. 26 So, mixed in among the unsolicited CD-ROMs of bands doing Pennywise-by-numbers punk and the misspelled press releases that we usually get (thanks, Fairview!) was something a little unusual: a let...

    by JASON THORNBERRY on February 6, 2003
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    Lift Every Voice and Sing - Mavis Staples, touched by God

    For people like me who consider themselves devoutly agnostic, for whom the prospect of pondering the Big Questions is about as appealing as consuming a steaming bowl of dog shit, true Christians are about as exotic and curious a breed as benevolent ...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on February 6, 2003
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    Good and Drunk

    Photo by James BunoanScenester extraordinaire Andrew Roe works his days as the promotion and publicity manager for the House of Blues in Anaheim and his nights as the owner of Atrophy Pop management, where he currently helms the career of the rockin...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on February 6, 2003
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    How Swede It Is - Five bands besides Laura Lee

    We've got nothing specifically against Division of Laura Lee (DOLL), the latest Swedish import to try to fill the Hives' already-too-tight Beatle boots--though when it comes to DOLL, we'll stick to New York or at least the Valley of. But there's a l...

    by Chris Ziegler on February 6, 2003
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    Sweet and Strangly

    NIKI SMART UNTETHERED (EIGHT-TRACK SELF-RELEASED CD) For someone we've never heard of--and hey, shame on us--Newport Beach singer/songwriter Niki Smart sure has been around. Born in Scotland, raised in South Africa, she has loads of songwriting ...

    by Rich Kane on February 6, 2003
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    Count the Stars

    COUNT THE STARS NEVER BE TAKEN ALIVE VICTORY What first caught my ear with Count the Stars was the detail in which they extract their inspirations from both the Smiths and Cave In. Yet I'm not really hearing their alleged "emo bits" here, thankf...

    by JASON THORNBERRY on January 30, 2003
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    The Hunches

    THE HUNCHES YES NO SHUT IT IN THE RED The Hunches are pretty--pretty loud, pretty messy and pretty raw. Supposedly, this is already getting tagged as the worst-recorded album of the year. But underneath the feedback gonorrhea and the Hoover upri...

    by Chris Ziegler on January 30, 2003
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    Oh, No, Spiezio!

    Photo by James Bunoan SANDFROG/FIVE YEAR SLIDE/T.D. CLARK THE GROVE OF ANAHEIM WEDNESDAY, JAN. 15 There are few things on this planet that could keep our ogling eyes away from a great, bloody car crash, particularly when we have prior knowledge ...

    by Rich Kane on January 30, 2003
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    Sharp-Dressed Men - Shoe talk with Drunk Horse

    I hate ZZ Top. I hate them so much it hurts. I hate them so much that if I even think about that stupid sleeping-bag song, my eyes hurt and I want to throw up. Don't even get me started on "Legs." But Oakland's Drunk Horse, who happen to be my very ...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on January 30, 2003
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    Movies and Metal - The two worlds of Volumes Patrick Brink

    Five years is an eternity in a local band life span, long enough to break big, break up, or, in those ultrarare cases, get better. Take OC stoner rock outfit Volume (though if you're actually in a stoner rock band, you probably call it "heavy" rock....

    by Rich Kane on January 30, 2003
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    Holy Hip-Hop! - Non-preachy Christianity with the Jupitersciples

    Photo by Matt OttoBetween burrito bites and horchata slurps on a cold Wednesday night, the hip-hoppers of Jupitersciples mull over the success of their recently released maxi-single. "We're really not giving the release any publicity, and we're st...

    on January 30, 2003
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