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    Weezer Fever!

    FAIRVIEW/CIO CIO SAN CHAIN REACTION SATURDAY, JULY 8 Even with Smile already on the bill, this show was supposed to have been bigger than this. Sense Field were originally scheduled but were forced to back out (contract reasons) once they got b...

    by Rich Kane on July 20, 2000
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    More Miles Than Money - Alejandro Escovedo, true believer

    Alejandro Escovedo has 49 years' worth of history stuck to him, and it's a long, rich, beautiful book. Start with his large, musical family, including his father, who sang in mariachi and swing bands in his native Mexico before emigrating to the U.S...

    by Rich Kane on July 20, 2000
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    Hide the Wah-Wah Pedals! - The Big Time Blues Fest is back

    The Big Time Blues Festival is an odd name for a gathering of wonderful lesser-known artists who play alongside name-brand acts. This year's fest includes the low-profile HOLMES BROTHERS, Harlemites by way of rural Virginia who mix heavy-duty gospel...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on July 20, 2000
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    Darla Records' first six years were free of big breakthroughs, which might've been a good thing. Hidden from the pop-culture media's wilting glare, the San Francisco-based label developed a chill-out techno sound sweeter than any codeine high. The l...

    by ANDREW ASCH on July 13, 2000
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    Gary Downey, A/C Technician, Drummer for Naked Movie Star - What's humming through the skulls of Orange County?

    P>> Gasoline Addicts (self-titled CD). "This is hard-driving music that pumps you full of energy. It makes you want to get crazy, like burn cop cars and stuff (kidding!). They put on a great live show, too, but this CD is definitely one to get, if y...

    on July 13, 2000
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    Tears, Glam & Revelations

    Fistful of Lonely/Motorsoule The Gypsy Lounge Friday, June 16 Motorsoule know glam. And props--they've got the feathered-boas-and-leather action going on, plus a big, fat, glittery, platinum "M" with red lights flashing around it rising above ...

    by Rich Kane on July 13, 2000
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    Shell Beat Your Brains Out - Dont call Joan Armatrading names

    Remember when Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" came out back in 1988? Maybe you were in high school then. Maybe all the idiots in your high school only noticed that Chapman was kinda fat and had baby dreads. Maybe all they talked about was how she looked ...

    by REBECCA SCHOENKOPF on July 13, 2000
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    Brainwashed by Commies! - And Koko Taylors clam!

    Poor, well-meaning JOHN MAYALL. He spits out seeds that bloom and flourish while his own stalk remains barren. That's the story of Mayall's career, now in its fifth decade. Recognized as perhaps the most important progenitor of blues from the Britis...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on July 13, 2000
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    Room to Groove - Joey DeFrancesco pumps his organ

    "Groove" and "swing" must be two of the most overused music terms ever. As undefinable as "cool," "hot" or "bitchen," whatever meanings they do have have been watered down with an umpteen number of wide applications. For the record, "groove" appli...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on July 13, 2000
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    The Politics of Skanking - The Plea for Peace Tour frees your mind

    With its bouncy rhythms and upbeat tempo, today's ska is often regarded as happy (if not escapist) party music sung by dweeby kids with dweeby kid concerns. What people forget, though, is that for a long time (and a long time ago), ska was activist ...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on July 13, 2000
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    Zed Records: RIP

    It'd be a clich to call Zed Records an institution, but it'd also be true. For 26 years, Michael Zampelli's Long Beach record shop has satiated the aural jones of many a music fan; it was one of the few places--if not the only place--where you coul...

    on July 6, 2000
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    Thats Not Weezer!

    Goat Punishment The Lava Lounge Wednesday, June 21 Who the hell do these jerks think they are? A shameless, shameful Weezer imitation band is what, but worse, because they even dress and look like Weezer. And their wretched music is such blata...

    by Rich Kane on July 6, 2000
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    The Press Gang - Life as a Murder City Devil

    Seattle's Murder City Devils play unbelievably dark, swaggering, dirgey trash rock. Lead singer and lyricist Spencer Moody, with his thick glasses, unruly hair and conventional clothing, looks out of place among the other gritty, greasy, black-clad,...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on July 6, 2000
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    G'bye, Merrill - Mouring the loss of a rockabilly pioneer

    Writing a memorial for a man whose music meant something to me is a solemn task. It's positively excruciating when that man was also a close friend and a wholly wonderful person. San Diego's MERRILL MOORE passed away June 15 at age 76, following a s...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on July 6, 2000
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    Grandaddy at This Ain't No Picnic - Big-Ass Music Weekend!

    'Twas quite a happy discovery I made when I stumbled across the amazing Grandaddy at the 1996 South by Southwest fest and confab, on a bill with their buddies Giant Sand. It was one of those wonderful, revelatory, gimme-a-thesaurus moments, when you...

    by Rich Kane on July 6, 2000
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    The Knitters, Saturday at Hootenanny 2000 - Big-Ass Music Weekend!

    You might want to sit for a spell because this is going to get confusing right quick. In 1983, three members of LA punk pioneers X--John Doe, Exene Cervenka and D.J. Bonebrake--formed a side project known as the Knitters, with ex-Blaster guitarist...

    by Matt Coker on July 6, 2000
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    De La Soul, Live at the BBQ - Big-Ass Music Weekend!

    De La Soul's first album was such a monumental, influential piece of art that the Long Island trio have spent the intervening 11 years dwelling in the long specter of its slam-bang-boom. 3 Feet High and Rising took urban hip-hop out to the suburbs. ...

    by Rich Kane on July 6, 2000
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    Heat Strokes for Different Folks - The OC Weekly Festival Concert Preparation Manual Course (as seen on TV!)

    You may have noticed there's an amazing number of all-day outdoor festival concerts coming to OC in the next few days. The Vans Warped Tour is Thursday and Friday. Hootenanny is Saturday. This Ain't No Picnic is Sunday. If you're not dead at this po...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on July 6, 2000
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    Weezer, Thursday and Friday at the Warped Tour - Big-Ass Music Weekend!

    For many kids heavily into the current indie-rock scene, there's one band ultimately responsible for making them tune in, turn on and rock out: Weezer. Weezer has recorded music that touches every microscopic aspect of their lives, right down to the...

    by JEREMY SCHERER on July 6, 2000
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    Big PunisherYeeeah BabyLoud Records

    Yeeeah Baby might've been Big Punisher's big-bank album--might've been, if he hadn't died of heart failure in February (Big Pun was just 28, but he weighed close to 700 pounds). Like his multiplatinum debut, Capital Punishment, this disc is filled w...

    by DAVID RIVIERA on June 29, 2000
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