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    Creeped-Out & Alcoholic

    Pete Yorn Fingerprints Records Saturday, March 31 Pete Yorn plays KCRW music, the sort of relatively mellow, brainy tuneage that goes well with your morning cappuccino whilst you're perusing the latest Utne Reader. He's got a great, buzzed-abo...

    by Rich Kane on April 12, 2001
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    Brandon Trca - Blasting-cap tester, author of nothing, manager of no one and singer for the band Super Bright Light

    Photo by Jeanne Rice>Frank Black, Dog In the Sand. A momentous record for Frank, in which he finally comes to terms not only with his own past but also with Kim Deal. I mean, let's be honest--he was supposed to write "Smells Like Teen Spirit." >Ge...

    on April 12, 2001
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    Mixology - Dub innovator Mad Professor messes with your head

    Mad Professor is one of many undermentioned, underground groundbreakers in the art of electronic sound manipulation. In his long career, he has been involved with more than 100 albums, both those in his own extensive catalog as well as a slew of rem...

    by MICHAEL COYLE on April 12, 2001
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    Le Shok Shocker - The most dangerous band in Orange County is dead, maybe

    Photo by James BundanThey were the worst band ever. Or maybe they were geniuses. Or maybe they were just spoiled assholes--frat boys in white ties and gutter-mod garb. Or maybe they were pretty nice guys--if you ever made an effort to talk to them, ...

    by Chris Ziegler on April 12, 2001
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    Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo - Vocal group orgy in Cerritos!

    Every vintage music form--from swing, rockabilly and country-blues to honky-tonk, Dixieland and bebop --has been hauled from its inky grave and proffered as something fresh and exciting. This has actually been a good thing: some of my favorite moder...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on April 12, 2001
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    Here Comes Captain Cynical

    Wonderlove/Nice The Gypsy Lounge Saturday, March 10 So you go to South By Southwest, one of these big, megasized, music-industry confabs, wishing to find a few new bands worthy of ink so the people back home will know just who is sweet and rig...

    by Rich Kane on April 5, 2001
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    Darren Roberts - Freelance sculptor and painter, bassist for Handsome Devil

    Photo by Jeanne Rice>The Descendents. This legendary punk band was and still is a big influence on today's pop punk bands. Front man Milo Aukerman was a pioneer of poppy girl songs, and Karl Alvarez is the reason I started playing bass. >Bad Brain...

    on April 5, 2001
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    Applied Rock & Roll - The Applicators new-school lessons from an old-school punk

    A rock-star mom like Courtney Love may have the luxury of a live-in nanny and first-class hotels when she goes on tour, but when the two young mothers in the up-and-coming band the Applicators roll down the highway in a small van, it's a long way fr...

    by ARRISSIA OWEN on April 5, 2001
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    Arlo Is Crap-Free - Do you know how rare that is?!

    Photo by Stephen ManningAbout three weeks ago, I turned my back on the thankless task of always chasing what's new and decided instead to just listen to whatever the hell I want, regardless of how many friends I lose in the process. But the real p...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on April 5, 2001
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    The Velvet Voz - Anterciopelados articulate, amorous activism

    Andrea Echeverri has the Voice. Not the voice of the First World--neither suburban Gwen Stefani nor urban Madonna--but the voice of the urban Third World, an instrument of goodwill and terrible retribution: the voice of indigenous people, love and a...

    on April 5, 2001
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    Up In Murk - Evaporators front man Nardwuar keeps his past and present mythic

    If you're doing an interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, you're probably not going to talk much about Nardwuar the Human Serviette. You're going to talk about the time Quiet Riot threatened to beat him up. About the time Skid Row's Sebastian ...

    by Chris Ziegler on April 5, 2001
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    Accidentally Legit - Inside Americas most ostentatious, alternative music fest

    Photo by Jack GouldWe had no money. We had no place to stay. We had no credentials besides a rumpled cardboard sign reading, "FAVORABLE PRESS COVERAGE FOR FOOD-CIRC. 220,000-VILLAGE VOICE MEDIA." But we had a toothbrush, combat boots and a perverse ...

    by Chris Ziegler on March 29, 2001
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    Kill the Ziggens! - Shitkickers live OCs purveyors of musical standup comedy

    Photo by Jack GouldThere are moments so emblematic of impending doom they've become film clichs--the woman walking alone down a dark street, the guy lighting a cigarette near a hissing gas leak, the musician playing in a smoke-filled Texas bar wher...

    by ARRISSIA OWEN on March 29, 2001
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    Welcome to Schmoozeville - Relishs 29-hour drive as a career metaphor

    Photo by Chris CaffaroAfter a 29-hour drive from Orange County deep into the heart of Texas, the members of Relish barely knew their tired asses from the hole in the ground where they played their 45-minute set. South By Southwest (SXSW)? That's wha...

    by DAVE WIELENGA on March 29, 2001
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    Cio Cio San Rock

    Outside, it's Monday night and rainy. Inside, Cio Cio San takes the Troubadour stage and crashes headfirst into a wash of buzzing guitars and splashing cymbals. Though they're young ( their average age is about 19), they handle themselves as if they...

    by MICHAEL ALARCON on March 29, 2001
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    SXSW Slices - Vignettes on a barbecue-sauce-stained notebook

    South By Southwest, the annual spring break for the music industry held each year in Austin, Texas, the self-proclaimed (but entirely accurate) "live-music capital of the world." This year's numbers: more than 1,000 bands, both official and unoffici...

    by Rich Kane on March 29, 2001
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    Propaghandi Mix Pop With Politics

    They don't skate. They don't have overtly repulsive haircuts or piercings. And they're from Canada. Yet Propaghandi have become one of the world's most visible and uncompromisingly political punk rock bands, balancing precariously between accessibil...

    by Chris Ziegler on March 29, 2001
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    All Sales Vinyl!

    Blood! Puke! Beer! It would be a riot in progress anywhere else, but at Huntington Beach's longtime bastion of punk-as-fuckness Vinyl Solution, it's just the semiannual "secret" midnight sale. For a few special nights each year, the rock & roll brok...

    on March 22, 2001
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    New Music

    RAINER MARIA A BETTER VERSION OF ME POLYVINYL This emo trio wear their hearts on their frilled, Elizabethan sleeves. And though they claim they chose their moniker at random, their musings share the reflective melancholy of their namesake, Germa...

    on March 22, 2001
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    The Fuckin' Contest

    Music editor's note: Inspired by the unabashed rock-&-fuckin'-rollness of Zeke, we here in Locals Land have found ourselves hungering for some of that "reader interaction" stuff, so we hereby declare a contest. Count the total number of times the wo...

    by Rich Kane on March 22, 2001
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