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    Life Swapping - Jon Auer is solo, sometimes

    Of the six songs on 6 1/2, his most recent EP of cover songs, pop craftsman Jon Auer thinks he best likes his version of Ween's "Baby Bitch." "I don't know--I just relate so much to that song," he says before discussing the dissolution of his nine...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on June 14, 2001
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    Pucker Up! - The weirdness of John Wilkes Kissing Booth

    Photo by Jack GouldIt's a hot, late-spring afternoon, the kind that tells you winter's really gone--maybe forever. The members of John Wilkes Kissing Booth are kicking back on singer Derrick Brown's boat, the Billy Ocean. A few are sipping Coronas, ...

    by VICTOR D. INFANTE on June 14, 2001
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    New Music

    ATERCIOPELADOS GOZO PODEROSO BMG/US LATIN Radicalism isn't supposed to be this much fun. On Aterciopelados' new CD, Gozo Poderoso(Powerful Pleasure), siren Andrea Echeverri and bassist Hctor Buitrago blend progressive politics and groove-orient...

    on June 7, 2001
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    Over the Sneezeglass!

    Nuckle Brothers/Phantom Planet/Save Ferris May 26 House of Blues Anaheim Lest you ever feel compelled to hurtle from the Anaheim House of Blues' upstairs VIP balcony--perhaps to commit one mother of a stage dive or maybe just to dazzle the crow...

    on June 7, 2001
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    Killing in Tons

    After the departure of key members Chris Muench and Michel Bravine (a loss that contributed to the band's decision to drop out of what should have been a high-profile gig at this year's South By Southwest), OC's Killingtons--er, that would be the so...

    on June 7, 2001
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    Keep It Like a Secret - The mystery of the Kingsbury Manx

    One year ago: I'm sifting through the used bins in a Long Beach indie record shop, yearning for some discounted aural ecstasy among everybody else's rejects. The music-editor gig isn't going well--most of my office time is spent trashing phone messa...

    by Rich Kane on June 7, 2001
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    Growing Up in Public - GiveUntilGone get mature

    Some time ago, Dan Sena decided he was tired of writing songs about girls. "There's just a lot more that can be touched upon besides relationships and crap like that," he says matter-of-factly. So lately, the singer/guitarist of melodic post-punk ...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on June 7, 2001
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    Hot and Throbbing - The Dickies can still shoot their wad

    The Dickies have been a band for almost 25 years now, and guitarist Stan Lee still gets pink panties in the mail. And really, that's everything you need to know right there--even Elvis had to settle for plain white cotton by his 25th year, right? Bu...

    by Chris Ziegler on June 7, 2001
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    Ballin With Paul - Les is more

    I can't begin to say how surprising and thrilling it was to look at the listings for the week and see that the grand old master of guitar, LES PAUL, will be appearing at the House of Blues on Friday night! You can't overstate the importance of the W...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on June 7, 2001
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    One Big Happy Mosh Pit

    The Grabbers/The Skulls/The Fakes Club Mesa Sat., May 19 Punk rock's days may be numbered at Club Mesa. By the time you're smearing this very ink all over your grubby little paws, there could be as little as a week left for all those grizzled ol...

    on May 31, 2001
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    Monsters of Rock - Theres something in this Frankensteins pants

    Electric Frankenstein knew they were doing something right when people started fucking behind the stage during their shows. And in the bathroom between their songs. And throwing bras onstage, Motley Crue-style. And even writing letters to them about...

    by Chris Ziegler on May 31, 2001
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    More a Legend Than a Band - The Flatlanders were a supergroup before anyone knew

    Did you ever see Dallas from a DC-9 at night? Or West Texas from the air-conditioned cushiness of your vehicle as it zips along Interstate 10, the surrounding plains so flat that you can make out the curvature of the earth, the terrain so lonely and...

    by Rich Kane on May 31, 2001
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    Uncork the Dorks! - Buddy insults just about everybody!

    It's Dork Week in Orange County, kiddies: a veritable festival of boffo bozos struttin' their crimes against chicdom for all to see, hear and marvel at. Unfortunately, most of the dorks in question have scheduled their shows against one another. So ...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on May 31, 2001
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    Fire In the Hole - Betty Blowtorch give up the poop talk

    The ladies of Betty Blowtorch--vocalist/bassist Bianca Butthole, guitarist/vocalist Sharon Needles, lead guitarist Blare N. Bitch and drummer Judy Molish--could kick your ass. Just look at them: awash in tattoos, stuffed into regulation leather-ra...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on May 31, 2001
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    Grease-Punk Orgy - The Hootenanny revs up one more time

    Old people (anyone over 40, I mean) know that a hootenanny is what went down at the local coffeehouse during the folkie '60s. These days, that's called an "open-mic night." Hipper, indie rock-raised young'uns (that would be me and all who are graced...

    by Rich Kane on May 31, 2001
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    Strings & Things

    Since 1988, Pacific Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has performed its Summer Festival at the place once quaintly known as Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (may it rest in peace), now commercially called Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (we'll just see how long tha...

    by ANNA BARR on May 31, 2001
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    Mugs Away

    The Pattern Koo's Art Cafe Friday, May 11 The past is collapsing in on itself, you know. The kids are strip-mining the graveyard of rock & roll, and the freshest corpses yet belong to the long-haired rebel rockers of 1968--and hence, the Pattern...

    by Chris Ziegler on May 24, 2001
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    Pauline Hannah Go - Amateur cynicist, eventual UC Irvine grad, overall underachiever extraordinaire

    Photo by Jeanne Rice>The Offspring. Ah, hell--they converted me into the insubordinate, take-shit-from-no-one punker I am today, so I couldn't possibly compile this list without placing them at the top. I particularly like Ignition--no humorous, Lat...

    on May 24, 2001
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    Heavy! - Farside dont float away on a frat boys burps

    There's a pendulum in rock music that swings between the sacred and the profane, between earnest, political rock almost crushed beneath its own seriousness and mindless party anthems that could float away on a frat boy's burps. And for a long time, ...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on May 24, 2001
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    Joan of Dark - Joan Jett can do whatever she wants

    Nobody thought Joan Jett would make it in a Broadway musical. But then, nobody thought Joan Jett would make it anywhere. When she told everyone as a kid that she was going to be a famous rock star one day, they all said, "Yeah, sure." When she took ...

    by Chris Ziegler on May 24, 2001
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