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    Sex, Smoke and Shyness - Diana Krall gets big

    When Diana Krall came to Los Angeles from Canada in the early 1980s, she was a shy, somewhat nervous kid with a tremendous ability for stride piano. When she performs this week at the Orange County Performing Arts Center--and later this month attend...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on February 17, 2000
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    The Killingtons/No Motiv/Autolux - Chain Reaction Sat., Jan. 29

    To be honest--and, brothers and sisters, we are always honest--we were kinda dreading this night of (ugh!) "emo," a style we generally like, though a term we abhor. So we'd really like to kick our own ass and smash our own face into a bloody, tomato...

    by Rich Kane on February 10, 2000
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    Steve Lynch - Drummer, Burnin' Groove

    Photo by Jeanne Rice> The Replacements, Tim, Pleased to Meet Me and Let It Be. "These three albums are my picks, but if you're a no-risk-taking, greatest-hits-only music buyer, then there's always their All for Nothing, Nothing for All. If I had to ...

    on February 10, 2000
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    Arling & Cameron and Guy Clark

    ARLING & CAMERON MUSIC FOR IMAGINARY FILMS EMPEROR NORTON Arling & Cameron have discovered the Ghost of Disco Past on this cheeky ode to film scores, which they say is not a true follow-up to their delicious, pie-in-the-face-of-dance-music debu...

    on February 10, 2000
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    Vein of Pain - A week in the life of the blues

    ALVIN YOUNGBLOOD HART is one of the best things to happen to the blues since people first started singing about how their sex organs tended to complicate their lives. In other words, he understands the emotional heart and traditional soul of this mu...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on February 10, 2000
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    The A&R Man Clappeth - Primus heavy, funky kook

    When NoCal trio Primus played their A&R man a rough version of "Electric Uncle Sam," a track from their latest album, Antipop, the A&R man reportedly did something he'd never done before when listening to a Primus song: he clapped. Now, you tell m...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on February 10, 2000
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    Visions of Utopia - Onboard Basslands magic bus

    Photo by Jeanne RiceSuperstitions, dreams and visions often seem to run Alex Xenophon's life, but he knows well enough that his reliance on mystical forces isn't practical business for his techno band, Bassland. It hasn't landed them a big record de...

    by ANDREW ASCH on February 10, 2000
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    Heavy, but Not Metal!

    The Moseleys/Spitfirevolver/The Arrogants The Hub Cafe Friday, Jan. 21 We love lots of local bands, but what should we do when we get all hepped-up about seeing our fave-of-the-moment someplace (one that we've usually scrawled incessantly enough...

    by Rich Kane on February 3, 2000
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    Skie Bender - Painter, writer, voice and bass player for the Fireants

    Photo by Jeanne Rice"What incessantly hums through my soul is not always the obvious music. Some sounds scream through the medium of print and paint. And when the artist is ingenious enough, he or she can warp the bounds of the silent medium until s...

    on February 3, 2000
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    Takako Minekawa and Straight Outta Compton

    TAKAKO MINEKAWA FUN 9 EMPEROR NORTON RECORDS Takako Minekawa is one of a new breed of DJ/ musicians making a cool, less dance-floor-on-drugs, more sing-along-and-bob-your-head-in-the-car version of electronic music. It's not that you can't danc...

    on February 3, 2000
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    Play ''Lost Souls''! - How to heckle the unheckleable Dirty Dozen Brass Band

    I'll never forget the first time Isaw THE DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND live; it was at a small jazz club in New York City in 1985. Instrumentally set up like a traditional New Orleans marching band, the group took a decidedly nontraditional approach to th...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on February 3, 2000
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    California Dreaming - Fu Manchus dude-rock ethos

    Like the sticky creeper weed they supposedly partake of, Fu Manchu's new album, King of the Road, is wreathed in lazy, sun-baked grooves that sneak up from behind and wallop you on the back of the head. Guitarist/singer Scott Hill, a golden-maned Sa...

    by ANDREW LENTZ on February 3, 2000
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    Lit Up! - Lit, Zebrahead and Burnin Groove help 369 out the door

    Photo by Jeanne RiceLit's A.Jay Popoff is 100 percent pure, unapologetic rock star, shimmying up the microphone stand, climbing on monitors, crouching, pointing, shaking a tambourine, mirroring older brother Jeremy's guitar work on his air guitar, r...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on February 3, 2000
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    The Road Warriors! - Four rooms, six bands, five hours, 85 miles, zero speeding tickets

    Crash Cart/Sparklejets UK Chain Reaction Saturday, Jan. 15 7:45-9 p.m. First stop: Chain Reaction, for the supremo power-pop of the fab four who make up Orange's Sparklejets UK. Though they rarely seem to play around here and their set was muc...

    by Rich Kane on January 27, 2000
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    More bass on Ms. Pacman - Tommy Tallarico, video-game-music composer

    Photo by Jeanne RiceMy top five newest (and somewhat obscure) albums: > Delerium, Karma. "This is the U.S. answer to Enigma. My highest recommendation! Combines trance-type beats and rhythms with extremely melodic and intricately dreamy chord prog...

    by TOMMY TALLARICO on January 27, 2000
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    The Peoples Republic of Barclay! - For one night only, when Arlo Guthrie presides

    Arlo Guthrie's act wasderivative long before he ever stepped onstage. That's neither an insult nor a tribute--when you're the son of Woody Guthrie, the Mystical Folk-Singing Everyman, it's a matter of simple biology. "With me and my family and mus...

    by DAVE WIELENGA on January 27, 2000
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    State of the Third-Wave Nation - The Ska Parade at 10

    Photo by Jeanne RiceThe waitress has finally brought out lunch, but for the next three hours, Tazy Phyllipz and his half brother Albino Brown (we'll spare you their not-as-colorful real names) will barely touch their food. Not that they're not hungr...

    by Rich Kane on January 27, 2000
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    This Means War! - In search of some really good acid jazz

    I've never understood the term "acid jazz," as the music it's supposed to describe has nothing whatsoever to do with either acid or jazz. It seems instead to refer to a brand of marginally improvised funk-lite (gag! puke!) inspired by the featherwei...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on January 27, 2000
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    Take Away the Pain - Jaded/Gorgeous/Poprox/Buzzbox Galaxy Concert Theatre Saturday, Jan. 8

    Seems like we hardly ever get to the Galaxy for purely business reasons. The room is arguably OC's sweetest concert hall, but their tendency to host primarily big-boffo nationally known names leaves the Locals Department SOL. With increased competit...

    by Rich Kane on January 20, 2000
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    Aaron ChristopherBooker, Chain Reaction

    Photo by Jeanne RiceThis will seem more enjoyable if you read it while listening to the Speed Racer theme: > John Easdale, Bright Side on Eggbert Records ("Out of Brea, no less!"). "This CD never leaves my changer--except to move from the car to t...

    on January 20, 2000
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