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    Ressurection Pogo - TSOL, back from embalmment

    Photo by Jack GouldTSOL have a new album coming out. There might be another tour in the works. This Saturday, they're playing an all-ages Surfrider Foundation benefit at now-seems-tiny Chain Reaction. And somewhere, something hellish is icing over n...

    by Chris Ziegler on February 1, 2001
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    Penis Duplication Time!

    When you find, sitting on your desk at work, a largish, unmarked, plain-wrapped box containing two bags of plaster, a silver canister of silicon, two plastic spoons, an acrylic "stir" rod, various other chemicals, a sieve, a thermometer designed for...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on January 25, 2001
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    Jeffries Fan Club The Glasshouse Saturday, Jan. 6 Journey with us now, won't you, on a trek up the 57 freeway, far beyond the hills that cradle Brea like a loving old granny to an off-ramp that leads to an avenue where All Your Dreams Come True. ...

    by Rich Kane on January 25, 2001
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    Eric Blair - Professional makeup artist, host of cable-access TV show Blairing Out With Eric Blair

    Photo by Jeanne Rice>The Donnas, The Donnas Turn 21. I just received a prerelease of this album, and it rocks! My favorite track so far is "Do You Want to Hit It?"--that title says it all! The Donnas are one of my favorite interviews, and no one can...

    on January 25, 2001
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    Whip It Good - Flogging Mollys raucous Irish rawk

    It takes a special sort of band to bring people out to clubs on dreary Monday evenings. Or maybe it just takes kegloads of cheap Guinness. Discounted grog was one of the incentives, anyway, that consistently lured people to Linda's Doll Hut a ye...

    by Rich Kane on January 25, 2001
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    Smash Them With Guitars - Lo-Fi Champion takes on evil through pop

    Photo by Jeanne RiceIt's a moist and salty Saturday night at King Neptune's Nautical Bar in Sunset Beach, and no matter where you stand, it seems you're in the way. Long Beach's Lo-Fi Champion have just finished playing, and the small bar is packed ...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on January 25, 2001
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    Cowpunk Survivors - Rank & File return as Cowboy Nation

    Not many people remember Rank & File, but I do. I remember that they started out in the late 1970s as the Dils, one of America's first punk bands. I also remember that once the Dils became Rank & File, they were the often-uncredited catalyst for the...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on January 25, 2001
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    Not Merely Bad, But Also Dangerous!

    Sugarcult/Cheswick/Fish People Chain Reaction Saturday, Jan. 6 Back from our long holiday weekend, during which we rang in 2001 in the squashed confines of Times Square, watching an endless cacophony of tanked-up people as they barfed and peed a...

    by Rich Kane on January 18, 2001
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    Mmmmm, Red Meat! - And the horrors of mortality

    There's a long, noble tradition of hillbilly bands siftin' cornpone n'yuk-n'yuks into their shtick along with the expected hot licks and classic tunes, from Lonzo & Oscar to Homer & Jethro, from Red Ingle & his Natural Seven to the Maddox Brothers &...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on January 18, 2001
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    Aural Sects - The Causey Ways cult of personality

    There's really no reason to call it sacrilege or heresy. No point in getting out the signs and picketing, in calling in the ATF, in getting all upset over one little band, one little singer and the simple, universal truths he's bringing to the peopl...

    by Chris Ziegler on January 18, 2001
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    Give Peas a Chance - If Black Eyed Peas are hip-hop radicals, theyre also business pragmatists

    While most chart-topping rappers broadcast the familiar ghetto manifesto of bling-bling, bitches and bullets, Black Eyed Peas (BEP) say they have a different agenda: they want to raise their listeners' eyes beyond the Benjamins. Although BEP came up...

    by ARRISSIA OWEN on January 18, 2001
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    Ronnie Washburn Guitarist/Singer for Tourist

    Photo by Jeanne Rice> Radar. The only band I would want to hear play a 30-minute song with no repeating parts. I'd call it "math rock on acid" if I were looking for a description other than plain old supercalifragilisticexpialodocious. > Neal's Mu...

    on January 11, 2001
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    Whats a Rock & Roll Nihilist to Do?

    The Stitches/The Flip'n Whiteys/Shot to Hell Linda's Doll Hut Friday, Dec. 29 As millenniums go, we'd expected more. Where are the flying cars? The underwater cities? Jesus? Instead, it's been a year that started with a whimper and looks to be en...

    by Chris Ziegler on January 11, 2001
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    Search and Annoy - God spare us the horror! Its Fish People

    If you've ever seen the Fish People, you won't even be able to read this. You'll be locked in a posttraumatic-stress flashback: all you wanted to do was catch a nice little hardcore or pop show at Koo's Art Cafe or Chain Reaction, maybe sneak a peek...

    by Chris Ziegler on January 11, 2001
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    The Sex Aficionado

    Kyle's friends lovingly call him a pervert because, as he says with one eyebrow cocked, "Well, I am." It's not really that he's perverted, it's that he talks about sex all the time. He talks about the sex he's had. He talks about the sex he would li...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on January 11, 2001
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    Renegades of Funk - And jazz. And soul. And blues. And rock

    It's hard to imagine a more inspired pairing than War and Poncho Sanchez, who play together Friday night at the Sun Theatre. War is among the most criminally underrated bands of the past 31 years in several important respects. First, they remain lar...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on January 11, 2001
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    Return to Sender - The year in really, realy bad music publicity photos and press releases

    IT'S WANKER-RIFIC! "PAPA ROACH ANNOUNCE HEADLINING MASTER BAY TOUR WITH (HED)PE AND LINKIN PARK" WE'RE THIS DESPERATE "Aussie band CURFEW want to be heard over the American airwaves. They are determined to be internationally recognized and wil...

    by Rich Kane on January 11, 2001
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    Not Just a Beach Boys Fanboy - Bikerides newest CD shows how far you can go if you pedal backward hard

    Photo by Erik ForrssellAmid the fashionable misanthropic punk and throwaway ska the Orange County music scene once stirred, Tony Carbone never forgot the sublime bits of Orange County that inspired some of the most melodic music in America. Indeed, ...

    by MICHAEL ALARCON on January 11, 2001
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    Rewind - Great gigs of '00

    Photo by Jack GouldJan. 15 at Chain Reaction: Sparklejets UK cement a reputation as OC's most perfect, pure-pop band. Jan. 21 at the Hub Cafe: The Moseleys shoot off a wigged-out blast of lust gone oh-so-wrong, hip-thrusting, psycho-hoodoo, crotch...

    by Rich Kane on January 4, 2001
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    Absolute Honesty

    Last night, George dreamed that he got away with murder. In his dream, he was a 9-year-old prodigy who'd killed someone and buried the body in the back yard. In order to stay one step ahead of the feds, he went through "a continual process of diggin...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on January 4, 2001
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