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    Year of the Wolf - Los Lobos turn 30, and are still to be trusted

    In any just world, Los Lobos would be on the radio at least hourly, as befits one of the most soulful, inventive, tuneful and generally righteous bands on the planet. There may be no other group extant with their all-embracing scope and musicianship...

    by JIM WASHBURN on February 19, 2004
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    The Brando of the Bata - Music as Freedom With Francisco Aguabella

    Francisco Aguabella is the most important Cuban percussionist alive. Since coming to the United States in 1957, he's worked with everyone from Tito Puente to Peggy Lee, Mongo Santamaria to Paul Simon. Even Marlon Brando has sought his services. "I...

    by BILL KOHLHAASE on February 19, 2004
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    Guaranteed Tasty - Satisfaction declare war on mellow

    Photo by Robert GiampiMike Rosas might be lying. Now that his previous band Smile is over, he says, he pretty much just sits back and lets the checks roll in. He's focused on collecting Jaguars and buying up pricey west side Costa Mesa real estate. ...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on February 19, 2004
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    Mystery Train

    Photo by Tenaya Hills'Tis a mighty depressing vision in downtown Fullerton these days, what with the good ol' Hub Caf? all chainlink-fenced-up and abandoned-looking, and the Reagan Years arcade gone forever, with its vintage '80s games now merged wi...

    by Rich Kane on February 12, 2004
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    Fever Blister, Baby!

    Photo by Jeanne RicePaper Planes Five-Track CD EP Self-Released These are the life-affirming moments we live for: a CD comes in the mail from a band we've never heard of, with ordinary, hand-scrawled text on the paper-insert cover and a disc tha...

    by Rich Kane on February 12, 2004
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    Love is a Bullet - Concrete Blondes Johnette Napolitano talks about Valentines Day and all that bullshit

    Concrete Blonde grew out of the LA post-punk scene, and from 1987 to the present, they released eight albums of philosophically intense, richly textured--and sometimes morose--songs that occasionally chart yet are always brilliant. Lead singer/bassi...

    by Stacy Davies on February 12, 2004
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    Stirring It Up - Bob Marley lives forever

    At Christmas, a friend gave me a DVD collection of clips from the venerable old British music show The Old Grey Whistle Test. Some of the most "whoops-I-crapped-my-pants" moments on the set were provided by Alice Cooper, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on February 12, 2004
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    Beyond the Barrios - Mas Alla de los Gritos shows the importance of being Spic

    Photo by Chris ZieglerM?s All? de los Gritos (Beyond the Screams) is the Greed of punk cinema, a 1999 documentary covering 25 years of Latino punk history in 29 minutes that barrel by faster than a straightedge tune. It begins with Zapruder-slow foo...

    on February 12, 2004
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    Americas Sweetheart - Sex fantasies of a Gravy Train

    As long as you've seen Polyester, it's easy to say, but Gravy Train really are the children of John Waters: post-Catholic-school grease-ovores schlepping back and forth from their ratty mansions in the Oakland ghetto--murder rate's down since they f...

    by Chris Ziegler on February 12, 2004
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    Keg Stand! - The Spurgeon, a haven for meeting supernice people

    Photo by James BunoanHaving never been one to shy away from free drinks, polite conversation and a place to rest my head, I packed up the Civic of Love a few weeks back and hit the 101, barreling toward Berkeley, home of faithful Clubbed! readers--a...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on February 12, 2004
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    Hot Licks!

    Various Artists Venus Envy: Women Who Rock Envy Records Every morning in our e-mail inbox, we're hit with an onslaught of horribly sexist spam, with subject headers such as: "Pregnant sluts thirsty for liquid jizz diet!" "Huge clits--lick 'em ...

    by Rich Kane on February 5, 2004
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    Who Wants to be a Pendejo?

    Photo by James Bunoan The Dirtbombs/The Sights/Bar Room Heroes House of Blues, Anaheim Wednesday, Jan. 28 Well, this was certainly cringe-worthy: an OC act called the Bar Room Heroes, who seemed to be prostituting themselves as nothing less tha...

    on February 5, 2004
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    Girls Only, Part Dos

    Photo by Tenaya HillsOne of the numerous repercussions of Koo's moving to Long Beach is that it separates women like Adrienne Santell?n from the fabulous, girls-only Soapboxx Sessions. Santell?n, a says-she's-shy-but-isn't organizer with the Garden ...

    on February 5, 2004
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    Juke Making Me Crazy! - Cruising Huntington for someone to say hi to

    Think your milkshake is better than mine? Invite me out egriley@ocweekly.comMaybe it was the red, lace-up wrestling boots I was wearing. Or, to be more specific, that it was close to midnight on a sluggish Thursday at Johnny's in Huntington Beach,...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on February 5, 2004
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    Now Wait for Last Year - Kill Me Tomorrow is alive and well and living on Earth

    Zack Wentz was lucky to get the voice he has: deliberate with fatigue, flat as a pane of plastic, a little chipped around the edges, a little thin at its center. We talk today by rotary telephone. It suits him perfectly, subtracts the last shreds of...

    by Chris Ziegler on February 5, 2004
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    Jonathan Richman, Citizen - The modern lover lives in the modern world

    Jonathan Richman has been listening a bunch to Aqnazar, a one-named, timeless-voiced singer/accordion player from Tajikistan. It's not the easiest stuff to find, so he thought you might want to know the website for Aqnazar's French distributor: www....

    by JIM WASHBURN on February 5, 2004
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    Get Yourself Arrested - The cartoon world of Gomez

    Gomez don't have plans to check out the Magic Kingdom during their Orange County stay, singer/guitarist Tom Gray confesses with a chuckle. Then, more seriously, he asks, "What's the story on the venue there? I noticed it's on Disneyland Drive or som...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on February 5, 2004
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    Tough & Tender

    Rick Shea & Patty Booker Our Shangri-LA Tres Pescadores Records Talk about chemistry: Our Shangri-LA establishes just how beautifully local scenesters Rick Shea and Patty Booker work and sound together. Produced by the San Berdu-raised, Covina-...

    by JOHN ROOS on January 29, 2004
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    Your new favorite bands!

    Photo by James BunoanLIMBECK/ROCKY VOTOLATO/THE PALE/THE PLUS ONES/ THE ENERGY CHAIN REACTION, ANAHEIM SATURDAY, JAN. 24 Here's a shocker: a five-band bill at the Chain, where we actually have something to say that registers in the Nice-to-Slob...

    by Rich Kane on January 29, 2004
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    Damn Right, Its Better Than Yours - Kelis "Milkshake" deconstructed

    Kelis' "Milkshake" has been stuck in my head for weeks. It is a masterpiece of awfulness, so completely, weirdly bad that my mind refuses to let it go. In a sadly futile effort to purge "Milkshake" from my brain, I have dissected the lyrics line by ...

    by GREG STACY on January 29, 2004
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