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    That Voice Goes Silent: Chuck Niles, 1927-2004

    Longtime KKGO-KLON-KKJZ disc jockey Chuck Niles has passed away, having worked up until quite near the end. In a medium full of empty-headed blowhards and Clear Channel Stepford-jocks, Niles was in every sense an "on-air personality." I met Niles ...

    by BRICK WAHL on March 25, 2004
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    Blonde Redhead

    Blonde Redhead Misery Is A Butterfly 4AD Italian/Japanese-by-way-of-NYC band Blonde Redhead's music has always been as confounding, fascinating and as seemingly incongruous as their name. But they've whittled out a niche in the ?berhipster sce...

    by MICHAEL COYLE on March 18, 2004
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    All That Was Missing was Freebird!

    Photo by Tenaya Hills Quetzal Domingo Siete CENTRO CULTURAL DE M?XICO, SANTA ANA FRIDAY, MARCH 12 Carolina Sarmiento took the mic at Centro Cultural de M?xico to tell people, "There is life happening here." And then she showed us the evidence:...

    on March 18, 2004
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    Ask the Bartender! - Blake: Bartender, husband, genius

    Photo by James BunoanHe listens to bearded, bespectacled, down-on-their-luck hipsters whine into whiskey-and-Cokes about unrequited punk rock love. He watches soused patrons vainly attempt to discreetly suck face by the popcorn machine--hey, did you...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on March 18, 2004
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    Greatest Hits - The rock & roll hall of pain

    Illustration by Bob AulWhen the Von Bondies play the House of Blues Wednesday, don't expect to see any signs of the bloody brawl between Jack White of the White Stripes and the Von Bondies' Jason Stollsteimer. That duke-fest went down in a Detroit b...

    by Chris Ziegler on March 18, 2004
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    Executive Roundtable - Something Corporates cheese will suck you in

    I would like to damn to hell a certain colleague who planted the idea in my head that Orange County's poppy, piano-based quintet Something Corporate sound like Bruce Hornsby and the Range because now I have to admit that I like Bruce Hornsby and the...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on March 18, 2004
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    Sad Cucumber - Rod Stewart was brilliant, once

    In olden times, Rod Stewart was not a cartoon tragedy; a depleted figure of contempt and ridicule; a tabloid fogy to be squawked over by middle-aged frumps who'd once lustily polished their pearls to his voice and image as hormones flooded their pub...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on March 18, 2004
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    The New Woody Guthries

    Photo by James Bunoan BOOTS RILEY, TOM MORELLO, LILA DOWNS, SLOWRIDER ACROSS THE STREET FROM TACO BELL WORLD HEADQUARTERS, IRVINE FRIDAY, MARCH 5 The atmosphere was ripe for a riot last Friday afternoon in the mad, bad streets of Irvine. A maze ...

    on March 11, 2004
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    What We Do Is Not Normal - Brody Dalle and the art of Distilling

    A Cliff's Notes version of the Distillers' history: Before she was LA's reigning scarlet-lipped and husky-voiced punk rock savior, Brody Dalle was a rough-around-the-edges gutter punk in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Spending her early tee...

    by KAT JETSON on March 11, 2004
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    Love Among the Mutants - The Chinese Stars: A horrible guide to horrible noise

    Eric Paul says his band has a new record that could teach you something; Eric says that it could teach you that he is consumed by women (his phrase, left wobbling somewhere between the figurative and the literal). Eric says maybe we could go on a da...

    by Chris Ziegler on March 11, 2004
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    Oiled and Topless! - The realities of being the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    When Best Alternative Album nominees the Yeah Yeah Yeahs strolled the green (courtesy of Heineken) carpet on their way into the Grammys last month, their arrival was overshadowed by the grand entrance of multinominee Beyonc? Knowles. Not that the Ne...

    by BOB CANTU on March 11, 2004
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    Experimental Kitchen - Talking sex, politics and sauerkraut with Ute Lemper

    We don't have a lot of Germans in this paper. We like the Germans, though. We even like the name German. And we really like hot Germans with names like Ute (Ooo-Tah). So when we got to speak with German cabaret star Ute Lemper, we tried not to dumms...

    by Stacy Davies on March 11, 2004
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    Talk Boxes, Banjo Pickings

    Photo by James Bunoan MELISSA ETHERIDGE HOUSE OF BLUES, ANAHEIM FRIDAY, FEB. 27 What--Melissa Etheridge a bit too mainstream for this space? Too Star 98.7, which sponsored this show even though Mel (she lets us call her that) is nowhere to be fo...

    on March 4, 2004
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    A Rainbow With Pants On - Eyad spins, I swoon and everyone feels the love

    Photo by James Bunoan"Eyad is a rainbow with pants!" a pal e-mailed last week, encouraging me--for the eleventieth straight time--to catch his friend's Tuesday-night DJ set at the Kitsch bar. In short, he concluded, "Eyad = Love." Seven days later...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on March 4, 2004
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    This Is Pop - And Eugene Edwards is your brain on pop

    Photo by Steve MayedaEugene Edwards is calculated. You can tell when he's onstage. He's a dynamic, lively performer and a living encyclopedia of every imaginable classic rock stage move: The "goddamn-this-guitar-solo-is-painful-to-play" facial exp...

    by Joel Beers on March 4, 2004
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    This Is My Life! The End! - Q: Are We Not Polysics?

    In the dream, it went like this: we heard the last half of a Cecil Leuter LP, whispering tape loops over the trans-Pacific fiber-optic lines. Polysics guitarist/singer Hiroyuki Hayashi excused himself for a moment, set a cocktail on the console of a...

    by Chris Ziegler on March 4, 2004
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    Hater of Love - The joy and pain of discovering Grandaddy

    Grandaddy are part of a four-band bill this Saturday at the House of Blues, and if you've loved them since their 2000 breakthrough, The Sophtware Slump, and have already plopped down the $22.50 for a ticket and are pee-your-shorts giddy for this sho...

    by Rich Kane on March 4, 2004
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    Cover Me!

    James Bunoan Scarlet Crush Angel Stadium Parking Lot, Anaheim Saturday, Feb. 14 It should've been a nice little bastion of goodness amidst the otherwise tacky, swap-meet atmosphere of this first-ever Angels FanFest (too many people in booths pus...

    on February 26, 2004
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    Joe Ongie

    Photo by Jeanne RiceJoe Ongie: Critical Darling Full-Length Self-Released CD Joe Ongie: Benevolent songbird or despotic audio god? You may recall that a few months back we profiled Ongie's music-making process: his sunless months sequestered in ...

    by JIM WASHBURN on February 26, 2004
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    House Is in the, uh, House - Promoters try to rebuild a once-hot music scene

    Photo by Tenaya HillsFive minutes after my interview with Pauley, one of the three men responsible for Focus Tuesdays and Level Thursdays--Orange County's latest house-music offerings--he calls back. "I forgot to tell you something," he sputters a...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on February 26, 2004
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