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    Sound Salvation - Kat Jetson on Broadcast

    Broadcast transmitted their first signals out of Birmingham, England, in the mid-'90s in the form of several enchanting, atmospheric electro-pop singles. A compilation of previously available material, Work and Non Work, followed, but producer walk-...

    on May 8, 2003
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    !Babasonicos para Presidente! - How one group and its CD led to the rejuvenation of the Argentine Nation

    Argentines have historically depended on their singers and instrumentalists to save the country's soul during its darkest days--the rags-to-riches rise of tango idol Carlos Gardel placated the immigrant poor during the Great Depression, and youth mo...

    by Gustavo Arellano on May 8, 2003
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    So More Than Anything - Dios: Still crazy after all these years

    Photo by James BunoanDios say they know how to get the party started. And they say this without a drop of irony. "A little Michael Jackson, a little Prince," says singer/guitarist Joel Morales. "Then you show that you got some moves; you get some ...

    by Chris Ziegler on May 8, 2003
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    Screwed Every Day!

    Photo by Jessica Calkins SEVENTH ANNUAL ORANGE COUNTY EARTH DAY FESTIVAL FULLERTON TRANSPORTATION HUB, FULLERTON SATURDAY, APRIL 19 So we're trekking around the parking lot of the Fullerton Transportation Hub on a pleasant afternoon--guffawing a...

    by Rich Kane on May 1, 2003
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    Ol Ultra-Violence

    DOWNTOWN POPULAR (3-SONG ACOUSTIC DEMO) Have these guys seen Anger Management yet? Not that they should or anything (actually, not that anyone should, since Adam Sandler movies will be proven any day now to be the root cause of SARS disease), but...

    by Rich Kane on May 1, 2003
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    Clone Defects

    CLONE DEFECTS SHAPES OF VENUS IN THE RED If your band is more fucked-up than the Clone Defects, congratulations: you've gotta be dead. Their previous full-length, Blood On Jupiter, was Radio Birdman gone wrong in all the best ways; against ex...

    by Chris Ziegler on May 1, 2003
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    El Otro Yo

    EL OTRO YO COLMENA BESOTICO There are many reasons to resent Argentine band El Otro Yo and their as-addictive-as-chocolate weirdo pop punk: how they make you feel like a gnome with their pretty-people physicality, that they write intensely inven...

    on May 1, 2003
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    Flower of the Desert - Coachellas sonic supermarket

    Another Coachella. Another bug-juice-on-the-windshield excursion out to godforsaken Indio. Another run of the NO VACANCY sign gauntlet because you were too late making reservations--again. Another pair of afternoons slow-roasting beneath the hellish...

    by Rich Kane on May 1, 2003
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    Stupid, Shitty, Retarded - The special genius of the Spits

    Photo by Todd TaylorThe world has many questions for the Spits: Are you stupid? Are you insane? Are you aware that mohawks and mustaches mesh about as well as toothpaste and orange juice? And seriously: Are you stupid and insane? But the Spits car...

    by Chris Ziegler on May 1, 2003
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    Not Embalmed Yet - Rocket From the Crypts locomotive breath

    With their ninth album, Live From Camp X-Ray, Rocket From the Crypt's obsessions have turned from rock, whiskey and sex to rock, whiskey and what-the-fuck-is-happening-to-the-world? Evidence can be found behind the barbed wire of the real Camp X-R...

    by ANDREW ASCH on May 1, 2003
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    DAEDELUS THE QUIET PARTY PLUG RESEARCH The gurgling bong sounds and gentle piano of the opening track "Playing Parties" takes us into the realm of yet another electronic music subgenre. This one's called plunderphonic, and LA-based genius Dae...

    by ANDREW ASCH on April 24, 2003
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    SUPERSUCKERS MOTHERFUCKERS BE TRIPPIN' MID-FI RECORDINGS It's safe to say the Supersuckers have met the most important standard (and survival tool) set by their hard-rock forebears AC/DC and Motrhead: consistency. Sure, AC/DC only ever wrote on...

    by REX REASON on April 24, 2003
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    Sodomized Again!

    Photo by Kat Jetson THE FEEDERZ THE LIQUID DEN, HUNTINGTON BEACH THURSDAY, APRIL 10 The Feederz used to put the "terrorism" into "art terrorism." They were spotty at the art part back when they started in 1980s Arizona, but you can't argue with ...

    on April 24, 2003
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    Martini Space Noise - The secret language of Richard Swift

    Drinking heavily, sorely missing his wife, the words that saved Richard Swift's sanity suddenly spilled from his mouth: "The paycheck just isn't worth it." Thus ended his well-compensated career as a session player for the contemporary-Christian-m...

    by ANDREW ASCH on April 24, 2003
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    Its April 19 - Today is Earth Day, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday

    Photo by Jack GouldFor us anal types, there are misnomers galore surrounding this big-boffo Earth Day extravaganza. Like, why is it called the "seventh annual," since fest organizers Carlo Terranova and Sean Francis took 2001 and 2002 off while they...

    by Rich Kane on April 24, 2003
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    Rather Read a Book? - Shoot some theory all over the ExModels

    Art sort of hates rock, though it shouldn't--after all, the Talking Heads opened for the Ramones all the time. But nerds don't mix well with Neanderthals, even when they both like to play guitar. For every meathead, nature demands an equal and oppos...

    by Chris Ziegler on April 24, 2003
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    Around and Back Again - Chicken and chai chat with Steve and Anna

    Photo by Jeanne RiceAnna Waronker and Steve McDonald are music-making machines. They both have played major roles in successful LA-based bands. Waronker wrote ridiculously catchy songs and strummed oddly tuned guitars in harmony-heavy, violin-laced ...

    by KAT JETSON on April 24, 2003
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    Git Down, Git Down!

    THE WILLOWZ SIX-SONG CD EP So where has this been hiding out? A secret hovel somewhere in the bowels of Anaheim, apparently, and we're only too happy to help spread their gospel. But first, you're gonna think the Willowz are merely hopping on the...

    by Rich Kane on April 17, 2003
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    Zero dB

    ZERO DB RECONSTRUCTION UBIQUITY/FLUID OUNCE Sun Ra's classic track "Satellites Are Spinning" always hinted at otherwordly terrors, but Ra sublimated them under June Tyson's eccentric but optimistic vocals. Aided by their mix of fiery Latin ja...

    by ANDREW ASCH on April 17, 2003
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    Gigolo Aunts

    GIGOLO AUNTS PACIFIC OCEAN BLUES Q DIVISION From a shoreline sunset on the album cover to the casual way it was conceived, natural is a key description for the Gigolo Aunts' fifth full-length. Formed in the mid-'80s, these power-popsters took...

    by GEORGE A. PAUL on April 17, 2003
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