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    A Robert Hilburn Follow-Up - Can we kick you in the pants, too?

    Follow-up questions for the LA Times' automatonic pop critic, inspired by his new online Q&A column (www.calendarlive.com/music/cl-ask-hilburn.storygallery). Original questions are neatly summarized because some of these people tend to be as long-wi...

    by Rich Kane on August 29, 2002
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    Dont Say the G-word - Or Mudhoney will punch you in the face

    Rumor has it that Mudhoney leader Mark Arm invented the term "grunge." Rumor is wrong. The affable lead singer does, however, play a sparkly silver guitar, possess an encyclopedic knowledge of arcane music trivia, and claim to not mind the fact that...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on August 29, 2002
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    Bounty Killer

    BOUNTY KILLER GHETTO DICTIONARY: THE MYSTERYand THE ART OF WAR VP Funny how hip-hop and rap rattle the tinted windows of every redheaded network administrator in Aliso Viejo, yet dancehall is a genre that seems to fly under the radar. It has the...

    by KRISTIN FIORE on August 22, 2002
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    Mad-Scientist Rock!

    THE BOLIDES PROGRESS THROUGH MUTATION CD-ROM There is no way the Bolides are the nerds they claim to be. We know our nerds--we're fucking rock critics, for God's sake. We are nerds, and we know our nerd rock--from the relatively mild Weezer to th...

    by Chris Ziegler on August 22, 2002
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    Summer Camp

    KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND HOUSE OF BLUES, ANAHEIM FRIDAY, AUG. 2 After weeks of enduring oafish plunk-plop combos and whiny emo-esque inbreeds, what we were desperate for was some aural comfort food--nothing trendy (is White Stripes fever over yet?...

    by Rich Kane on August 22, 2002
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    Stick This in Your Genre Hole - Lila Downs smashes through fronteras

    Americans love to label everything--that's why we need people like Lila Downs. She already eludes definition--she's just another ex-Deadhead-turned-diva daughter of a Minnesotan professor and a Mixtec mother--and thankfully for us, she uses her schi...

    on August 22, 2002
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    Lone Beach - Catalyst throws a party to rev up the Long Beach scene

    Photo by James BunoanAhmad Jamal and Daen Leon know what it's like to live your life squished between a whole lot of people. And it's not just because of the tiny artist's loft they share--a real artist's loft with a communal shower and shared bathr...

    by Chris Ziegler on August 22, 2002
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    Languis Resident Aliens - Sometimes fairly simple, sometimes fairly complex

    The literati who first perused Franz Kafka's stories might have liked Languis. And who knows? Maybe the band could have played one of Flannery O'Connor's mysterious literary soirees. Because they would have fit in just fine--like a lot of great writ...

    by ANDREW ASCH on August 22, 2002
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    Enrique Bunbury

    ENRIQUE BUNBURY FLAMINGOS EMI LATIN For the past couple of years, devout fans have swallowed former Hroes de Silencio front man Enrique Bunbury's solo projects like they're taking musical communion. And he hasn't disappointed the faithful; h...

    on August 15, 2002
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    Photo by James Bunoan NOMADIC MINDS/RATTLESNAKES/OBCD/FISH PEOPLE YOUTH DROP IN CENTER, GARDEN GROVE FRIDAY, AUG. 2 Nomadic Minds was two guys and, like, a CD-ROM full of beats from San Diego trying valiantly to get timid Drop In Center kids to ...

    by Chris Ziegler on August 15, 2002
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    DJ TEEBEE & K . . . PRESENT THE DEEPER SIDE OF DRUM & BASS ROCKWELL RECORDINGS/SUBTITLES Drum-and-bass is music for evil geniuses. Evil because it's jacked up with a malign sci-fi vibe perfectly tailored for dystopian epics like Blade Runner; gen...

    by ANDREW ASCH on August 15, 2002
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    Big Brown Sky Country!

    OTHER DESERT CITIES SELF-TITLED ALBUM VELVET BLUE MUSIC The LBC doesn't seem to be the ideal environment for melancholic alt.-country, so it must be by the grace of God that the beauty of Other Desert Cities(both the recording and the quintet) o...

    on August 15, 2002
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    Get Naked! Get Naked! - How much art can Dillinger Four take?

    Dillinger Four is a band built on contradiction: lyrics referencing American Revolutionary figures belted out by a naked drunk guy (with "HOW MUCH ART CAN YOU TAKE?" tattooed in block letters across his chest), working-class anthems written by Ph.D....

    by REX REASON on August 15, 2002
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    The Thin White Puke - David Bowie has never been good

    I bought a David Bowie album once. It was called Diamond Dogs. I bought the album because I was 15 years old and it had a big dog dick on the cover. When you're 15, dog dicks are cool. Come to think of it, I'm old now and still think dog dicks are q...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on August 15, 2002
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    Ska-brones! - Viernes 13 are the vanguards of a new Latino musical rebellion

    They're the cities that secession forgot: the burbs between and around the 91, 710, 605 and 60 freeways; not quite Los Angeles and definitely not Orange County. For the English- and Spanish-language media, these cities--Paramount, Lynwood and Cudahy...

    on August 15, 2002
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    Maple Leaf Rag - Blame Canada for the Tragically Hip

    I like Canada well enough. Beautiful scenery, nice people, socialized medicine. But there are two things Canada will never, ever be good at producing. One is an edible hamburger--Canadian "beef" is always this gray, grotesque mound of mystery fles...

    by Rich Kane on August 15, 2002
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    Pump It Up!

    Photo by Eric Mayfield THE INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW STANTON PARK SUNDAY, JULY 28 'Twas quite a weekend for small, little-publicized music fests--the kind you can't pay for at TicketBastard--what with the Cool Radio 94.3/Live Magazine-sponso...

    by Rich Kane on August 8, 2002
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    The Power to Deflower - A few dirty questions with the Fuse!

    Photo by Matt OttoIt seems that rock & roll is being "reinvented" on an hourly basis these days by every musician with access to a thrift-store guitar or subtalented sibling or spouse--or at least that's what we're being force-fed by the almighty ro...

    by JIM FREEK on August 8, 2002
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    Chingazos at Verizon! - Get ready for a battle of the bands between El Tri and Ozomatli

    There's something important that people need to learn: rock en espaol and Latin alternative music, though related, are two radically dissimilar categories. But wouldn't-know-better promoters frequently ignore this distinction and continue to create...

    by Gustavo Arellano on August 8, 2002
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    A la Verga con la Policia! - Cuauhtemocs police story

    Photo by Gustave ArellanoIf the police could arrest Cuauhtmoc just for being a band, they probably would. Their music is an activist's dream: bombastic drumbeats, Rage-esque guitar anarchy, and explosive vocal trade-offs between the smooth voice ...

    by Gustavo Arellano on August 8, 2002
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