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    Not Your Papas Bluegrass - Watkins Family Hour

    Nickel Creek is arguably the most original and daring bluegrass group to emerge in, well, quite a spell. The youthful San Diego trio--mandolin/banjo/bouzouki player Chris Thile, guitarist Sean Watkins and fiddler Sara Watkins--has not only made a na...

    by JOHN ROOS on November 11, 2004
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    The Wanderer - Richard Buckner criss-crosses the continent

    Photo courtesy Merge RecordsIt's probably possible to dislike Richard Buckner,but it's hard. Even if his sorta folky/country/rock music (Okay to call it alt.-country, Buck? "I don't give a fuck," he says cheerfully) ain't your thing: if you have a c...

    by REX REASON on November 4, 2004
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    If They Have a Plane, I Hope It Crashes - Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower gives back to the kids

    On paper, it sure must have sounded great: drag your gear onstage, the same as you've done countless other times this tour. Set up the amps and drums. Do a brief sound check, and then leave a single guitar--set to maximum volume--tipped against an a...

    by MARK SANDERS on November 4, 2004
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    Whats Inside a Band? - The lost years of the Cramps

    Photo by James BunoanThe Cramps drip obsolete culture like your hidden sores drip pus: B horror movies, buried rock & roll sounds, and barfy sex regurgitated as 1-4-5 fuzz from Poison Ivy Rorschach's pink-polished phalanges. Add singer Lux Interior'...

    by JAMES BUNOAN on November 4, 2004
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    Beat Vinyl & Life

    Top five selling commercial 12-inch singles and top five independent 12-inch singles Oct. 25 to Oct. 31 at Beat Vinyl & Life, 517 S. Brookhurst St., Anaheim, (714) 774-7780. Beat Vinyl & Life is a hip-hop specialty store carrying vinyl, CDs and clot...

    by REX REASON on November 4, 2004
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    Live previews

    Photo by Brendan Tobin SON, AMBULANCE CHILD IS FATHER OF THE MAN Let's play a little word association here, huh? You say, "Son, ambulance." I say, "Paramedics! Little boy with a broken leg!" For me, even the band's name conjures thoughts of an ac...

    on November 4, 2004
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    So Boring Its Scary!

    Photo by Matt OttoSitting backward in a chair outside Momo's, his fingers tightly clutching a silver counter that--judging by the crowd inside--probably read 13, the bouncer was a portrait of absolute indifference. "I smell gas. You smell gas?" hi...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on November 4, 2004
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    The F-Ups/Wiggum

    Photo by Amy TheligTHE F-UPS/WIGGUM SANTA FE CAF?, FULLERTON SATURDAY, OCT. 30 T'aint much sonic variety when you're going out on Halloween eve--everything's mostly a blur of barroom costume contests and four-act tribute-band bills (for us, the ...

    by Rich Kane on November 4, 2004
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    Death From Above 1979

    FILE UNDER: Rock, Two Instruments Turned Into 10 Death From Above 1979 You're a Woman, I'm a Machine Vice Records Call it luck of the draw or a downright godsend, but some bands have it and some bands don't. And Death From Above 1979 (DFA)--a...

    by JENNY TATONE on October 28, 2004
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    Heart In Darkness - Ted Leo: Get up and be it

    Photo courtesy Lookout! RecordsRight in the middle of the August before last, a sparksnapped in the dark deep inside Con Edison's hulking mainframe, and New York City--along with the better part of the American Northeast--was instantly powerless. Ti...

    by JOHN FANNING on October 28, 2004
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    The Principals of It - The Roots at the tipping point

    Photo courtesy Universal Music Group The Roots are to hip-hop what the Clash was topunk rock--meaning like the Clash, the Roots took a rebel form of music and stretched it around influences that weren't supposed to fit, stretched it even to a point ...

    by ALEX ROMAN on October 28, 2004
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    Cue Up That iPod - El Guapo and the worlds loneliest accordion

    Photo by Pat GrahmCollecting dust in the corner of Washington, D.C., quartet El Guapo's practice space is the world's loneliest accordion. The poor thing: for a short time, it lived the high life--shining under the bright lights, commanding respect ...

    by MATTHEW BORLIK on October 28, 2004
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    Armitage Shanks

    Photo by James BunoanArmitage Shanks 51 Buckingham, Pomona Friday, Oct. 22 There may only have been five sheepish kids present at the Armitage Shanks' first ever show in America, but if they all went home to start bands as single-mindedly dedica...

    by TOM PILLA on October 28, 2004
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    What Boys Like - At Club Thrust, theres provocative glances, cocky stances and boys dancing in their underwear

    To the untrained eye--or a mom in denial, perhaps--the 18-year-old nymphs scurrying about Quan's Rockin' Sushi, clasping Sharpie-marked hands and exchanging sweaty cheek kisses, might have appeared like any other group of precious, pretty, too-young...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on October 28, 2004
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    Live Previews

    THE MISFITS AIN'T NO GODDAMN SON OF A BITCH It's sadly easy to ignore any merit the Misfits may have had in the face of a long list of reasons to ignore them altogether: soap-opera legal battles, licensing their logo to everything from T-shirts t...

    on October 28, 2004
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    FILE UNDER: Pop, Noisy/Beautiful Autolux Future Perfect DMZ Future Perfect is a dense and luscious debut for this much-heralded LA trio, full of bright ribbons of guitar, bass lines that shake off their own dust and drums so humongous they'll ...

    by MICHAEL COYLE on October 28, 2004
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    Pepperland Music - Top 10 selling records from Oct. 18 to Oct. 24

    Pepperland Music, 850 N. Tustin St., Orange, (714) 639-0909; www.pepperlandmusic.com. Pepperland carries CDs, DVDs, and LPs, as well as a complete line of musical instruments and accessories, including Pepperland-brand guitars. They also have freq...

    by REX REASON on October 28, 2004
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    Who Put the Bomp - Greg Shaw: 1949-2004

    Greg Shaw was a writer, first and foremost. This will no doubt surprise many people who knew him as the founder of the still-going-strong Bomp record label. Indeed, you could make the case that since he had been principally involved in putting out r...

    by JOE NOLTE on October 28, 2004
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    Mouse on Mars

    Mouse On Mars Radical Connector Thrill Jockey Mouse On Mars have always been unique among their peers: heavily conceptual, ornately arranged, and totally unpredictable, and seventh album Radical Connector--a more danceable and altogether lighter...

    by GREGORY BOWLER on October 14, 2004
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    Guitar Wolf

    FILE UNDER: ROCK 'N' ROLL, SMASH HITS Guitar Wolf Loverock Narnack Records The fact that they're Japanese shouldn't matter. But--let's be honest--it does. It adds an interesting twist to their punk rock 'n' roll band, and they can't deny that ...

    by JENNY TATONE on October 14, 2004
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