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    We Came From Beyond Volume 2

    Various Artists We Came From Beyond Volume 2 Razor & Tie Is hip-hop dull? No less an authority than Outkast's Andr 3000 says so. "I'm not really a fan of hip-hop like I used to be," he recently told Spin. That vote of no-confidence is a real ...

    by ANDREW ASCH on October 16, 2003
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    Mommy Not Know!

    Photo by Matt OttoMy poor, poor mother. As I stumbled out of the house this morning, yawning and rubbing my eyes--I'd spent Sunday night mesmerized by roaring, masked 19-year-old art punks beating drums and thrashing around at Cero's in Anaheim--she...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on October 16, 2003
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    Aint Gonna Be Your Dog - A wealth of new local blues CDs

    Photo by Mark CastleYou all know the story of the blues, how it was birthed in the Deep South by Bing Crosby and Mary Martin and then came up the Mississippi like a wayward German submarine, piloted by the roughhewn likes of Sissyboy Armstrong, Terr...

    by JIM WASHBURN on October 16, 2003
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    Dark Lords of Friendster - The Main Frame just want to be loved

    Photo by James BunoanThe Main Frame aren't electroclash (here's our lunch money; now, please, don't ever say the word "electro" again), and they're not quite doing the retro thing, either (although their music blissfully tugs on our we-really-do-lov...

    by KAT JETSON on October 16, 2003
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    Oil Of Olivia - Basking in the glow of Newton-John

    Olivia Newton-John will uncork her purty li'l pipes this weekend at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and I admit of my own free will that this doesn't gross me out. Today, hordes of teenage girls all gussied-up like Times Square trollops sh...

    by BUDDY SEIGAL on October 16, 2003
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    The Gossip

    THE GOSSIP UNDEAD IN NYC DIM MAK It's both brilliant and insane that heavy-gun-indie Dim Mak would put this out: the kids of America would do well to have their ears dirtied up a bit, but this recorded-to-answering-machine-tape-inside-the-soundp...

    by Chris Ziegler on October 9, 2003
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    The Big One

    "Do you want a big hug or a small hug?" asked Wiley, the doorman at the Silver Fox in Long Beach. I hesitated, no stranger to his back-cracking big hugs--this man could easily double as a chiropractor if he wanted to. For an answer, I looked to the ...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on October 9, 2003
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    Daring and Dapper

    Robert Palmer died Sept. 26, and maybe you're thinking "good riddance" if you only knew him as the guy in the "Addicted to Love" and "Simply Irresistible" videos who got in your way when you were trying to watch the slinky models in the background, ...

    on October 9, 2003
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    Where Metal Came to Die

    Photo courtesy of www.JCF.com Beauty School Dropouts/24-7 Hogue Barmichael's Friday, Sept. 26 Just for kicks, we thought we'd rip a page from the old Hello, Cleveland rulebook and show up at a club where we knew absolutely nada about the bands o...

    on October 9, 2003
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    Pastilla Hey! Escchalo Records Exhibit J in Why Big Record Labels Will Die is Pastilla's latest chiming jewel, Hey! The Pomona quartet is one of the insultingly few local Latin-alternative outfits ever signed to a major record label, but BMG...

    on October 9, 2003
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    Bad Catholic Boys - Avenged Sevenfold are angry and tortured, kinda

    M. Shadows, hunky singer of OC's berheavy, kinda screamy quintet Avenged Sevenfold, sits in full makeup on the curb outside the band's hotel in Connecticut doing an interview on his tour manager's cell phone. He cuts an arresting image. He is weari...

    by ALISON M. ROSEN on October 9, 2003
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    Pretty in the Dark - Holy Ghost Revivals vampy punk melodrama

    You're looking at a photo of a band called the Holy Ghost Revival. And it's weird. Kurt Cobain is singing into Charlie Chaplin's chest. Dee Dee Ramone is staring at his fingers as he plays bass. Chris O'Donnell is buried behind his keyboard, and the...

    by Chris Ziegler on October 9, 2003
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    A Yin-Yang Push-and-Pull Party - Slowrider cruise into the ever-mutating future

    Slowrider is party music; Slowrider is protest tunes. Slowrider is instrumental grandiosity; Slowrider is austere hip-hop/ cumbia beats. Slowrider is an insignificant group that'll never achieve sales outside Los Angeles; Slowrider is ripe to conque...

    on October 9, 2003
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    Sweet Dreams

    I dreamt of Japan last night. There were old women forcing me to memorize silly haikus about the rain while planes flew overhead, dropping enormous bombs that were later revealed to be gigantic soap bubbles. I dreamt of Japan last night instead of...

    by ELLEN GRILEY on October 2, 2003
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    Big Stupid Fun

    SANCHEZ ASINDIRTY? (10-TRACK CD) Any other time, particularly when we're on one of our hate-everything benders, we'd probably ignore a thing like Sanchez. But--lucky them--our happy pills are working great, and we can proclaim this to be what it...

    by Rich Kane on October 2, 2003
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    Dead Heat!

    THE DEAD VERIZON WIRELESS AMPHITHEATER THURS., SEPT. 18 You know you've arrived at a Dead show when there's some obviously frying, ecstatically grinning Deadhead merrily flailing his limbs near the parking lot entrance, in a way welcoming you ba...

    on October 2, 2003
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    Popular Shapes

    POPULAR SHAPES BIKINI STYLE ON/ON SWITCH Spare the hip-to-be-square jokes: the only thing popular about the Popular Shapes has gotta be their obviously well-exercised fondness for the Fall (and latter-day disciples of Mr. Smith such as Le Shok),...

    by Chris Ziegler on October 2, 2003
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    Natalia Lafourcade

    ALIA LAFOURCADE NATALIA LAFOURCADE SONY There's every reason to loathe Natalia Lafourcade's self-titled debut if you concentrate solely on her personal background. The spunky 19-year-old Mexican comes from a privileged upbringing, brandishes a ...

    on October 2, 2003
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    A Right Reunion - The Flyboys play much better now

    James BunoanJust as there are right ways and wrong ways, there are right whys and wrong whys. And when it comes to the seemingly endless stream of reuniting-after-20-years punk bands, it's almost always for the wrong whys. But for SoCal proto-pop ...

    by REX REASON on October 2, 2003
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    The Great Hip-Hop Hope - Beneath the underground with the Abstract Workshop collective

    Photo by Jeanne RiceIt was like a plot from a hip-hop-hater's handbook. DJ Cocoe was waiting in the parking lot of wannabe bling-bling, long-since-defunct Anaheim club Prestigio Towers, looking to get paid a lousy hundred bucks for his night spent s...

    by ANDREW ASCH on October 2, 2003
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